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PRESTAN CPR manikins are designed to simulate a real person during CPR training. The CPR manikins with feedback have two parts; the chest part simulates the human chest cavity and the head part simulates the human skull. The chest part contains a heart monitor that measures the depth of compressions and the rate of breathing. The head part contains a mouthpiece that allows air to enter the lungs when performing CPR on a real person.

Light indicators on the manikins are useful when demonstrating CPR on the manikins.

PRESTAN UltraLite Manikins (NEW)

Prestan’s most portable manikin, the Ultralite Manikin is amazingly easy to set up for convenient and lightweight training-on-the-go

PRESTAN Professional 2000 Series Manikins

Providing high quality, real time, advanced CPR feedback via a Bluetooth® connection with the PRESTAN Professional Adult Series 2000 Manikin. Advanced CPR feedback (includes rate, depth, recoil, ventilation, and hands-off time) is monitored, easily displayed and available for reporting allowing students to self-monitor performance and gain confidence during CPR training.

PRESTAN Professional Series Manikins

 The visual feedback from the CPR Rate Monitor gives students a real life feel of delivering 100-120 compressions per minute. Lights continually signal rate progression, confirming compressions are within the 100- 120 cpm range recommended by the Industry Guidelines. The yellow light will blink if the 120 cpm upper limit is exceeded, warning students to slow down. Instructors can monitor several students quickly and easily. 

PRESTAN Manikin Lung Bags

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CPR Training Manikins provides a simple and thorough way for someone to practice a life-saving skill.  The manikins we have available are compliant with the American Heart Association’s 2022 standards.

What is a PRESTAN CPR Manikin?

The PRESTAN Professional Adult Manikin is realistic to the eye and the touch, unlike any other CPR Training Manikin on the market. Lightweight with a fast and simple setup, the set is quipped with a revolutionary CPR Rate Monitor that allows for instant rate and depth feedback to both the instructor and student.

How much are PRESTAN CPR Manikins?

Most CPR Manikins and Dummies cost between $100-$1,000. However, depending on the features, this cost can vary widely. Some advanced models may cost well over $1,000 for a set.

CPR Manikins With Feedback

A CPR manikin is a training tool that is used to teach people how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). It is a life-like dummy that is used to simulate the process of giving CPR to a person in need.

The manikin typically has a chest that can be pressed down and released to simulate the compressions that are an important part of CPR, as well as a mouth or face area where rescue breaths can be given. Many CPR manikins also come with features that allow instructors to monitor the quality and depth of compressions, as well as the rate at which they are given.

The use of a CPR manikin can help people learn the correct technique for giving CPR and can be a valuable tool in preparing individuals to respond to a real-life emergency situation.

What are CPR Manikins used for?

CPR manikins are realistic models of the human body that are used for training people in the techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). These manikins are designed to closely replicate the physical characteristics of a human body, including the size, shape, and texture of the chest and other body parts. They are often used in CPR training courses, where participants can practice performing chest compressions, mouth-to-mouth ventilation, and other life-saving techniques on the manikin.

CPR manikins are an important tool for teaching people how to properly perform CPR. They provide a safe and controlled environment for learners to practice the techniques, and they allow instructors to give feedback and correct any mistakes. By using a manikin, learners can gain confidence and proficiency in performing CPR, which can help to save lives in a real-life emergency situations.

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