AED Battery Replacement & AED Battery Life Dates Explained

AED Battery Replacement & AED Battery Life Dates Explained

AED Battery Life: When to Get an AED Battery Replacement

The life of a battery can vary depending on the manufacturer; most will need to be replaced every 2 – 5 years. It’s critical to know if your AED battery replacement date is approaching so you can have a new battery before it expires. A study published by the Annals of Emergency Medicine in 2011 found that almost one in four AED failures was due to faulty batteries, which resulted in 1150 deaths over a 15 year period.

  • How do you know if your battery falls into the 2 year or 5 year category? Read on to decipher the dates printed on your AED battery to determine how much battery life is left.
  • Already know that you need an AED battery replacement? Visit our AED batteries page to shop by brand and find the right battery for your device.

AED Battery Replacement Dates

There can be one or more dates stamped on your AED battery, and in some cases it can be a little confusing. In order to make sure your supplies are up-to-date and your AED is rescue ready, it is important to understand the meaning of the date on your battery.

aed battery expiration date location

There are three types of dates commonly used on a battery:

  1. Manufactured Date
  2. Install By Date (shelf-life)
  3. Expiration Date

Manufactured Date: This represents the date in which the battery was produced. This is NOT an expiration date. Please note that some batteries require use within 5-7 years of production.

Install By Date: This date represents the shelf-life of a battery. To ensure the guaranteed life expectancy of a battery, one must install an AED replacement battery no later than this date. Life expectancy of batteries will vary between 2-7 years, depending on the manufacturer & model. An install by date is NOT an expiration date. The expiration date will be counted from the date the battery was installed into your device.

Expiration Date: If an expiration date is shown, one should install AED replacement batteries no later than that printed date. This will tell you how much time is left in your AED battery life.

AED Replacement Battery Tips

  • Track the date – If your AED battery uses an “Install by” or “Manufactured Date”, mark the date you installed the battery on the battery itself, or keep track of it in your records.
  • Routine Checks – Check your AED device routinely per manufacture recommendations. This will help make sure the device is “rescue ready” and that all of the disposables are current and installed correctly.
  • Recycle – Most AED batteries are Lithium based and should be recycled. Lithium based batteries should never be placed in the trash.
  • Replace – Visit our AED batteries page to shop by brand to find the right replacement batteries for your AED machine.

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