Cardiac Science G3 Pediatric Pads 9730-002

Cardiac Science G3 Pediatric Pads 9730-002


Replacement Pediatric Pads for the Cardiac Science G3 AED Device.

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G3 Pediatric Pads Overview

Elevate the safety standards of your cardiac emergency response system with AED Brands’ Cardiac Science Infant/Child Pediatric Pads. Expertly designed for all 9200 and 9300 series AEDs, these pads are compatible with the Powerheart® AED G3 Pro®, Powerheart AED G3, and the Powerheart AED G3 Plus.

Understanding that children under 8 years old or those weighing 55 pounds or less require specialized care, these pediatric AED pads meticulously reduce the energy delivered during defibrillation, ensuring optimal safety. However, remember that AED pads, akin to AED batteries, have an expiration date. As such, it’s essential to maintain a backup supply of Cardiac Science Pediatric AED pads and carry out regular maintenance inspections on your AED unit and all its components.

Whether you operate an elementary school, a church program, or a daycare facility, incorporating these pediatric pads into your AED program’s emergency medical rescue plans is paramount. Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) may be less common in children, affecting nearly 4%, but it’s an emergency we must prepare for. AED Brands and Cardiac Science are here to emphasize the necessity of having spare pediatric AED pads available to safeguard the young lives under your care. Ensure optimal child safety with our dedicated pediatric pads, because every life counts.