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AEDs for Schools Packages

Specially designed to help organizations protect adults and children.  These package specials include everything necessary for an AED program at a low price! Accessories may include a carrying case, pediatric key, compact wall cabinet, fast response kits, signs, inspection tags and more. Our AEDs ship 'rescue ready', meaning they are shipped ready to save lives as soon as the box is opened. All fifty states and the District of Columbia have enacted some form of legislation to encourage businesses, such as health clubs, schools, golf courses and other public gathering places like airports and convention centers, to provide AEDs on their premises. However, the District of Columbia does not require private health clubs to have working AEDs onsite. AED Value Packages allow customers to easily purchase the accessories they need. SCA is an urgent medical emergency, because the time from the victim’s collapse to the time of brain damage or death can be as short as five minutes. Most SCA victims do not survive if not treated by an AED in less than ten minutes. Studies estimate that nearly 400,000 Americans suffer sudden cardiac arrest each year. This number includes all ages, from infants to the elderly. To help save these victims, AEDs and working AED batteries are needed where people gather; they need to be regularly maintained and checked to ensure that if and when an SCA emergency happens, the AED battery will be ready to power the AED and hopefully restart the victim’s he