LIFEPAK 500 & 1000 Replacement Pads 11996-000017

LIFEPAK 500 & 1000 Replacement Pads 11996-000017


The Adult Replacement QUIK-COMBO REDI-PAK electrodes for the LIFEPAK 500 and LIFEPAK 1000 AED by Physio-Control.

REDI-PAK pre-connect system allows electrode pad connection prior to use without breaking the package seal. This allows electrode pads to be pre-connected which eliminates time-consuming electrode pad changes and promotes continuity of patient care.


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LIFEPAK 500 & 1000 Pads

The Adult QUIK-COMBO REDI-PAK electrodes for the LIFEPAK 500 and LIFEPAK 1000 AED by Physio-Control are important pieces of an automated external defibrillator (AED) unit. Electrodes are needed to properly deliver a shock to a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victim’s heart to get it restarted or to get it back to beating normally. Without electrodes, the AED is useless.

The advantage of using the QUIK-COMBO REDI-PAK is that electrode changes between phases of patient care are eliminated, plus the pre-connect system allows the electrodes to be connected prior to their use and without having to break the package seal. This saves time when the AED arrives at the victim’s side because the electrodes can be immediately placed on the victim’s chest without connecting them first.

Physio-Control is proud to manufacture electrodes that have also been proven to reduce the risk of skin damage which sometimes happens with defibrillation. The QUIK-COMBO REDI-PACK electrodes have been designed so that the electrical current is evenly distributed across the entire surface area of the electrode pad, not only at the edges of the pads.

Extra Adult QUIK-COMBO REDI-PAK electrodes for your LIFEPAK AED are vitally important because electrodes, like batteries, can expire. Make sure your AED program is fully equipped and ready by having extra electrode pads on hand.

Alternate Part Numbers: 3202674-002, 3008497-661, 3008497-660, 3202674-000, 3202674-001


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