How to Maintain Your AED

Enjoy the following helpful advice and "how to" videos to get years of service

Purchasing an automated external defibrillator (AED) and implementing an AED program are necessary components to saving the lives of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victims. When over 1,000 people, adults and children alike, suffer sudden cardiac arrest every day in the United States, the chances are good that one may occur in your place of business, school, church, gym, or other public gathering place. However, having an AED in place, and accessible, is not enough if you do not properly maintain your AED equipment and the program itself.

The AED Program Maintenance section is designed to help you by being a central source for AED documents, post event procedures, training drills, and battery recycling information.

The AED Document Center has user manuals, data sheets and brochures for the AED models we sell. Each page in this section has downloadable PDF documents that you can view and/or print for your convenience.

Once an AED unit has been used it is usually necessary and generally required that a “Post Event” report be compiled. The AED Post Event Procedures section provides guidelines and information regarding the transfer of the SCA victim’s care to emergency medical services personnel, incident reports, debriefing procedures, post-event AED check procedures (necessary before returning a defibrillator to service), and data collection.

The Defibrillator Training Drills page outlines who is responsible for the training requirements necessary for anyone who is going to be providing treatment during an SCA emergency. Also included is information on AED Response Plan Drills and their importance in evaluating the readiness of the AED team for a real sudden cardiac arrest event.

Last, but certainly not least, is our contribution to the environment and keeping our earth green. The AED Brands’ AED Battery Recycling Program is a program we have implemented on our own. All you have to do is ship your old AED battery to us, and we will do the rest. We will not charge you for the battery disposal but we do ask that you pay the shipping costs. Thank you for helping us keep our planet clean and green!