The ZOLL AED Plus is known for its versatility and durability. With many features, including the industry’s pioneering CPR feedback, the ZOLL AED Plus is quickly becoming one of the industry’s best devices. The CPR feedback feature is unique as it provides real-time CPR monitoring, giving the responder valuable guidance during an emergency.

Another added benefit of the ZOLL AED Plus is the extraordinarily low maintenance cost, with replacement pads and batteries at a fraction of the cost compared to other devices.

We ship our AED devices ready to rescue, meaning no assembly is required on your part.


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ZOLL AED Plus Overview

  • Durable and Dependable (one of the toughest AED devices available, backed by a seven-year warranty).
  • Easy for non-professionals to use with clear audio/visual support.
  • Low Maintenance Cost (5-year battery life & 5-year AED pad life).


The ZOLL AED Plus provides CPR Coaching and feedback, featuring Clear voice prompts, visuals, and text display to guide you through the entire resuscitation process.

  • CPR coaching and feedback
    • Clear voice prompts, visuals, and text display to guide you through the entire resuscitation
    • One-piece CPR-D•padz
      • Allow the AED Plus to give real-time feedback on the rate and depth of CPR compressions
        • Voice prompts instruct you to press harder if chest compressions aren’t deep enough
        • The voice prompt reassures you that you’re doing it right
      • Easy to position pads on patient – fool-proof
      • Markings show where your hands should be placed for proper chest compressions during CPR.
      • Five-year shelf-life
  • Consumer Batteries
    • Uses 10 Type 123 Duracell® Lithium Batteries
    • No expensive proprietary batteries
    • Can be purchased in retail locations where batteries are sold
  • Incredibly water resistant
  • 7-year warranty (5-year Standard Warranty plus 2 years with Registration).


ZOLL AED Plus – Rugged and Durable

If you work with student-athletes, law enforcement, or are involved with any other outdoor activities such as operating a golf course, you will want to make sure your AED is up for the challenge. You can plan on your AED seeing some abuse when being toted around outside, and you will want it to last. The Zoll AED Plus has one of the highest IP ratings compared to similar AED devices available, which means you can’t find a better device for your use. Carrying a rating of IP55 means that it scores very well for dust and water protection. IP stands for ingress protection, and the first number represents its score for dust protection (5 out of a possible 6). The second number represents its protection from water (5 out of a possible 8). This Zoll Defibrillator can stand up to quite a bit of abuse when compared to the average portable AED device.

ZOLL AED Plus – Audio/Visual Features

Available in both automatic and semi-automatic shock versions, the Zoll Medical AED Plus has an intuitive display that detects when a shock is needed and counts down to when the shock will occur (in semi-automatic mode, a button press is required to deliver the shock). An audio countdown lets you know when a shock will occur in the event that you are not able to keep an eye on the display.

Child/Infant Pads

In the tragic event that a child or infant is in need of resuscitation, there are optional Pedi-Padz II available. These AED pads offer a separate and specific algorithm for infants and children to determine if a shock is necessary. If your location serves children, you may want to consider our Zoll AED Plus package for schools & churches which has pediatric AED Pads included.

Real CPR Help ® with CPR D-Padz

When using ZOLL CPR D-Padz you gain a considerable advantage as a lay responder with Real CPR Help®. Real CPR Help® guides you step-by-step when providing CPR to a sudden cardiac arrest victim even if a shock is not needed. When applying chest compressions, the ZOLL AED Plus will either tell you to “push harder”, if needed or “good compressions” if no change is needed. To assist with your timing, the ZOLL AED Plus will play the metronome to lead you in pushing at the correct rate. The suggested push is 2 inches deep and at a rate of 100 pushes per minute. If the depth of your compression is not correct you can look at the display to see at what depth you are currently pushing. Currently, there is no other AED that offers both depth and rate monitoring. That makes this AED pretty hard to beat.

ZOLL’s Real CPR Help converts compression data instantaneously from the CPR-D•padz, and provides an adaptive metronome to help the rescuer with the proper rate and depth, saying “Push harder” or “Good compressions,” as needed. It also shows CPR compression depth on the display. ZOLL’s AED Plus is the only AED that can see your chest compressions and guide you to the correct rate and depth during CPR.

Alternate ZOLL AED Plus Part Numbers

20100000102011010, 21400010102011010, 20600000101011010, 2070000010101101, 20100000101011010, 20600000101011010, 2070000010101101, 21400010101011010, 2140001010101101, 2140001010101101, 8000-004007-01, 20100700702011010


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  • 7-Year Warranty more info
  • One-Piece CPR-D Pads
  • Set of Lithium Duracell Batteries
  • Carry Case
  • Zoll Data Review Software download here
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  • FREE AED/CPR First Response Kit
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