ZOLL AED Plus Replacement Batteries

ZOLL AED Plus Replacement Batteries


The ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator replacement batteries. Pack of 10 New Long-Life Duracell Lithium-123 batteries. This is the only battery pack approved by the FDA to operate in the AED Plus.

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Please note: Each 10-pack is good for powering 1 AED.

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ZOLL AED Plus Lithium Batteries (pack of 10)

Pack of 10 New Duracell Lithium-123 batteries for the ZOLL AED Plus. (1 pack is included with the purchase of unit) Anticipated Life- 5 years in standby mode.

The ZOLL AED Plus operates on Duracell Type 123 batteries only. It is recommended to have an extra set on hand in the event of an emergency. Replacing the batteries is easy and only takes seconds to change out.

How to Change the ZOLL AED Plus Batteries

8000-0807-01 Benefits

Easy to replace and a low cost compared to other AED Devices.


Durable and Dependable (one of the toughest AED devices available, backed by a seven-year warranty).
Easy for non-professionals to use with clear audio/visual support.
Low Maintenance Cost (5-year battery life & 5-year AED pad life).
Zoll AED Plus batteries are budget-friendly and keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

Rugged and Durable

If you work with student-athletes, law enforcement, or are involved with any other outdoor activities such as operating a golf course, you will want to make sure your AED is up for the challenge. You can plan on your AED seeing some abuse when being toted around outside, and you will want it to last. The Zoll AED Plus has one of the highest IP ratings when compared to similar AED devices available, which means you really can’t find a better device for your use. Carrying an IP Rating of 55 means that it scores very well for dust and water protection. IP stands for ingress protection, and the first number represents its score for dust protection (5 out of a possible 6). The second number represents its protection from water (5 out of a possible 8). This Zoll Defibrillator can stand up to quite a bit of abuse when compared to the average portable AED device.

The Duracell batteries have a five (5) year expiration date while the device is in standby mode and shelf life of ten (10) years. The AED Plus uses redundant circuitry, so if one set of five (5) batteries fails, the other five (5) are there for backup adding an extra level of dependability.

What kind of batteries does a ZOLL AED Plus take?

The ZOLL AED Plus takes Duracell Type 123 Lithium Batteries only. The FDA has authorized only this set of batteries to operate the device.



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