8 Essential Items for First Aid Cabinets

8 Essential Items for First Aid Cabinets


What are the Essential Pieces of an Office First Aid Station?

First Aid Cabinets are becoming commonplace at the workplace. For a variety of reasons, having an easily visible and accessible first aid cabinet is the new normal as opposed to having a first aid kit tucked away in a storage closet.

After all, the last thing an employee wants to do is rummage through a dirty drawer when they have a cut or a burn.

Medical Tweezers

One of the most common injuries at the office is… a splinter. Also, the occasional staple through the finger happens from time to time. A First Aid Cabinet should always include medical-grade tweezers to properly deal with those pesky injuries. 

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is an excellent wound disinfectant, making it a must-have in your first aid station. Used to clean wounds, HP is great way to prevent infection after injury.

Antibiotic Ointment

After cleaning wounds, it’s important to keep them protected. Using antibiotic ointment adds another layer of protection from infection.

Medical Gauze

So you’ve cleaned and thoroughly disinfected a wound with Hydrogen Peroxide and Antibiotic Ointment. Next up is covering the wound. Whether medical gauze or one of the many different types of bandages, having something to cover the wound is essential.

Elastic Bandages

For larger cuts or those in awkward places, elastic bandages are often used to secure the gauze in place to prevent further irritation or bleeding. 

Nitrile Exam Gloves

Sterile gloves are almost a given, but they are an essential item to have. Both parties are at risk without sterile gloves.

Burn Cream

Another very common workplace injury is burns. Burn creams provide a soothing effect on the area and reduce some of the pain. The topical cream is an effective way to treat minor burns or at least minimize pain until further treatment can be applied.


Although purchased separately, a Premium Fast Response CPR Kit contains supplies typically needed for patient care and personal protection. The AED Brands CPR Kit contains a CPR Rescue Mask, non-latex nitrile gloves, trauma shears, medical prep razor, and an antiseptic towelette. (And is extremely affordable).

First Aid Cabinets For Sale

Our First Aid Cabinets are equipped with more than just the essentials. We carry products that are impactful and easy to use so when an emergency arises, you are more than prepared to manage the situation. 


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