IP ratings classify the degree of protection against dust and water. The higher the number, the greater the protection. The 1st number rates dust protection, the 2nd number rates water protection. An X signifies there is no rating in that criteria.Dust/Water Resistance
Size (inches)
Battery Life
Pads Life
CPR prompts provide verbal instruction on CPR. Products that provide CPR feedback will advise the responder to press harder if compressions are too shallow.CPR Support
Energy delivered from an AED is measured in joules. Each manufacture has a unique patented energy waveform.Energy Delivery (joules)
AEDs with ECG display show the patient’s heart rhythm on a display screen.ECG Display
Semi automatic AEDs require that the responder press the shock button when prompted. Fully automatic AEDs will deliver a shock to the patient if necessary without requiring the rescuer to press a button.Shock Delivery
Pediatric pads are disposable - they have a 2-year life and must be replaced. A pediatric key does not expire and is reusable – it does not have to be replaced.Pediatric Method
A training cartridge allows the AED to be used for demonstration and training purposes. 3-lead & manual override options are designed for professional responders only.Other