Cold weather and the Cardiac Science G5

Cold weather and the Cardiac Science G5

aed with snow

With winter comes cold weather and if your AED is exposed to weather conditions 32°F or below, then this blog is for you!

The Powerheart conducts its own self-test every day by checking all factors that make an AED function when needed, including operations temperature. If anything is questionable during the self-test, it will require attention by turning red and issuing an audible BEEP every 30 seconds. Keep in mind that extreme temperatures can also drain the battery and freeze the water-based gel found in the pads. If you have stored your Cardiac Science G5 AED in weather conditions of 32°F to 122°F, you may need to address a maintenance message. This message may be due to a temperature condition if: the unit is beeping, the Rescue Ready® status indicator is red, and the text/voice prompt indicates maintenance required when the lid is opened.

In order to address this situation do the following:

1. Allow at least 30 minutes for the device to reach normal operating temperature.

2. Open the lid of the AED.

3. Wait for three seconds to pass on the timer, then press and hold both buttons on the AED display panel until the voice prompts “diagnostic mode”. The display panel shows TEMP TOO HOT or TEMP TOO COLD and ADJUST STORAGE TEMP.

4. Press and hold the button under the word CLEAR until the error clears from the display.

5. Close the lid. The Rescue Ready indicator changes to green in a few short seconds.

To watch a short video go to: Instructions for clearing a cold weather alert from your Powerheart G5 AED

If you need any further assistance with your AED, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (866) 259-0362

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