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AED Accessories - AED Batteries - AED Pads

AED Brands

AED Brands offers everything you need to complement your automated external defibrillator (AED) program. And, we work with the best names in the business: Philips, Cardiac Science, Zoll, Physio-Control, Defibtech, HeartSine. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) happens to nearly 400,000 Americans every year. Make sure your business, school, place of worship or other public gathering place is prepared by having an AED program and AED accessories in place.

AED Accessories and Supplies

The Cardiac Science IntelliSense Battery, Powerheart Battery and AED Pads are all necessary AED accessories. Without them, your AED will not work. The replacement IntelliSense Lithium Battery, for the Powerheart G3 automated external defibrillator comes with a 4 year, full operational replacement guarantee from the date of installation. The Powerheart IntelliSense Lithium Battery is for the 9100, 9100, 9200D and 9200RD AED models, and it comes with a 2 year warranty.

Cardiac Science AED Pads

Batteries are not the only AED accessories that need to be replaced, however. AED Pads also come with expiration dates, so it's important to check them and replace them when necessary. The Cardiac Science AED pads we offer have a 2 year shelf life.

Philips AED Products

The Philips OnSite and FRx Battery, the FR2 AED Battery, and OnSite AED Pads we offer will ensure that you'll be prepared if an SCA emergency happens at your place of business. The OnSite and FRx AED Battery (model M5070A) is a replacement battery for the HeartStart OnSite and FRx automated external defibrillators. The FR2 Battery is a lithium manganese dioxide 4-year battery. It is good for 12 hours of patient monitoring or up to 300 shocks - a very reliable battery! The OnSite AED Pads work with the Philips HeartStart OnSite AED and are adult-sized. Don't let your pads expire and risk being unable to save an SCA victim's life.

AED Cabinet

AED Wall Cabinets are another important AED accessory to consider for your automated external defibrillator program. AED Brands offers many options for you to choose from. The Compact AED Cabinet can house the Philips OnSite, FRx, and FR2, the Physio Control CR Plus, the HeartSine Samaritan PAD, and the Defibtech Lifeline AED units. You can choose from three mounting options: Surface, Semi-Recessed and Fully-Recessed. You can also choose a unit that comes with an alarm, or an alarm and strobe light. Each unit is made with sturdy metal construction in the United States. The Standard Wall Cabinet comes with the same options as the Compact Wall Cabinet but its size dimensions are three to four inches larger than the compact version. The Stainless Steel Cabinets that we offer have the same mounting options and alarm and strobe options as the Compact and Standard Cabinets but these come with a stainless steel finish. No matter which option you choose, we know you will be pleased.

AED Training Products

AED Brands offers other AED accessories that will help ensure your AED program is ready for any emergency. offers First Aid Oxygen and AED Signs. For training purposes, we also offer Training Manikins. Each item we offer (signs, cabinets, batteries, pads and AED units) is backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We want you to be satisfied and we want your AED program to be successful. Lowering the death rate suffered by SCA victims is our number one priority!