New York State AED Law

New York State AED Law

 Summary of Requirements
AED-Check.jpgPhysicianMust have involvement of a licensed physician to ensure compliance.
AED-Check.jpgCPR/AED TrainingNo person may operate an AED unless the person has successfully
completed a training course in the operation of an AED approved by a
nationally-recognized organization or the state emergency medical
services council, and the completion of the course was recent enough to
still be effective under the standards of the approving organization.
Personnel trained in AED response and use will have annual updates to
ensure the ability to adequately operate the equipment, should the need
arise. An approved NYS DOH training program will be utilized. Training
must be ongoing in order to instill knowledge and skills regarding CPR.
AED-Check.jpgEMS NotificationThe public access defibrillation provider shall notify the regional
council of the existence, location and type of any automated external
defibrillator it possesses.
AED-Check.jpgMaintenance ProgramThe public access defibrillation provider shall cause the automated
external defibrillator to be maintained and tested according to
applicable standards of the manufacturer and any appropriate government
agency. Every use of an AED shall be promptly reported to the emergency
health care provider. There are additional requirements for entities
establishing an AED program in New York City.
 AED-Check.jpgNotification of UseEvery use of an AED on a patient shall be immediately reported to the
appropriate local emergency medical services system, emergency
communications center or emergency vehicle dispatch center as
appropriate and promptly reported to the emergency health care provider.

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 Good Samaritan Protection
RescuerPurchaserProperty OwnerPhysicianTrainer
AED-Check.jpgAED-Check.jpg No Current LegislationAED-Check.jpg No Current Legislation

NY Public Health Law § 3000-a – 2015

Provides Good Samaritan protection for use of an AED and establishes guidelines for AED programs.

 Laws / Legislation
NY Codes Rules and Reg Art 12-C §220 – 228-C2020An act to amend the general business law, and require Automated External Defibrillators at trampoline parks.
 NY Codes Rules and Reg § 8 NYCRR 61.102017Outlines AED requirements for dental offices.
 NY Codes Rules and Reg § 9 NYCRR 303.92017After the initial installation, a replacement schedule which considers the useful life of the AED units shall be developed by the State agency. The replacement schedule should be updated periodically.
NY Codes Rules and Reg § 9 NYCRR 303.8 2017Provides steps that are to be followed by the AED coordinator upon responding to an emergency cardiac event.
NY Codes Rules and Reg § 9 NYCRR 303.7 2017Outlines the responsibilities that are required to obtain an AED.
 NY Codes Rules and Reg § 9 NYCRR 303.62017Outlines instructions to ensure the public health and safety for a person that acquires an AED.
NY Codes Rules and Reg § 9 NYCRR 303.52017Outlines responsibilities of AED coordinators and State Agencies.
NY Codes Rules and Reg § 9 NYCRR 303.42017Outlines a comprehensive plan for training, certification, and credentialing of cardiac care providers in the use of AEDs.
NY Codes Rules and Reg § 9 NYCRR 303.32017Subject to the phased-in implementation of AEDs, each State agency shall endeavor to have sufficient AEDs available at each of its public buildings to ensure ready access for use during emergencies.
NY Codes Rules and Reg § 9 NYCRR 303.2 2017Outlines a comprehensive plan for training, certification, and credentialing of cardiac care providers in the use of AEDs.
NY Codes Rules and Reg § 9 NYCRR 303.12017Defines: Automated External Defibrillator, Public Building, State Agency, Collaborative Agreement, Emergency Health Care Provider, Regional Emergency Medical Services Council, and Commissioner.
NY Codes Rules and Reg § 9 NYCRR 303.02017Provides the purpose of installation regulations.
NY Education Law § 9172017Outlines AED requirements for school districts.
NY Public Health Law § 2252016Outlines AED requirements for places of public assembly and swimming facilities.
NY Public Buildings Law § 1402015Outlines AED requirements for buildings of the state.
NY Education Law § 6611  2014Outlines AED requirements for dental offices.
NY Public Health Law § 3000-b2014Good Samaritan protection for UNTRAINED users.
NY Education Law § 804-d2013Instructions regarding the correct use of an AED shall be included as a part of the health education curriculum in all senior high schools.
SO44852011Requires all health clubs to have an AED and a CPR/AED certified employee on staff during business hours.
SO29232011Requires all dental offices to have an AED on site and all dentists shall hold current CPR certification.
SR 8272011A bill that encourages school districts to provide training for athletic coaches on AED use.
AB 87412011Amends immunity protection to include businesses, entities, partnerships, corporations, or societies.
NY Gen Business Law § 621 – a 2010Outlines AED requirements for health clubs.
NY Gen Business Law § 6212010Defines: Contract for Services, Health Club, Secretary, Seller, Buyer, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and Automated External Defibrillator.




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