Heart Defibrillator Technology

Heart Defibrillator Technology

AED brands carries a number of different heart defibrillator models including:There are two basic types of heart defibrillators: internal and external. An internal, or implantable, heart defibrillator is prescribed and inserted by a physician for patients who are considered high risk for either a cardiac arrest or they have an abnormal heart rhythm. An external heart defibrillator is a device that is generally placed in areas where large numbers of people gather like churches, schools, hotels, casinos, and office buildings. The purpose of having a heart defibrillator is to save a life in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. A sudden cardiac arrest differs from a heart attack because it can occur at any time, to any one, without any prior warning.

AED brands carries a number of different heart defibrillator models including:

When a sudden cardiac arrest occurs it is imperative to have a heart defibrillator on hand because as soon as the arrest begins, every minute counts. The heart begins to die at a rate of 10% per minute, so ten minutes equates to death. Brain damage begins to set in after five to seven minutes because the brain isn’t receiving the oxygen necessary to survive. Therefore, a heart defibrillator administered within the first three to five minutes will literally mean the difference between life and death. A heart defibrillator is more effective than CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) alone because the defibrillator has the ability to keep the heart at a normal rhythm, thus sending the correct amount of oxygen necessary to keep the brain alive.
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