Defibrillator Sales

Defibrillator Sales

Sales of Automated External Defibrillators, or AEDs, are steadily increasing as awareness spreads about their effectiveness in the event of a crisis. As the baby boomer population ages and sudden cardiac arrest numbers go up, businesses and individuals are recognizing the importance of having an AED on hand, and the rising numbers of defibrillator sales is in direct correspondence to that recognition. According to many recent studies by the American Heart Association, the survival rate of those treated with an AED in addition to CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is nearly double that of those treated with CPR alone.

Defibrillator sales have also increased as a result of government campaigns, media coverage, internet articles, and word of mouth. The increase in defibrillator sales can mostly be attributed to businesses, both large and small, purchasing multiple defibrillators to keep in convenient locations. There are also a growing number of defibrillator sales in home models as well. The increasing elderly population is more aware today of what to do in the event of sudden cardiac arrest, and they know that by having an AED on hand, the survival rate doubles. Senior citizens also realize that there is a large amount of strength necessary when using CPR alone to treat a victim, which they just might not have. An AED can keep the victim alive and keep the blood flowing regularly to the brain while waiting for emergency responders to arrive.

The increase in defibrillator sales means increased safety, and reduced loss of life. As the technologies continue to improve, and as the awareness of how important it is to have the necessary life-saving equipment on hand in the event of an emergency continues to increase, defibrillator sales will continue to escalate. This rise in sales is already resulting in lowered prices and expanded choices of AED defibrillators for consumers.

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