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Why AED Pads Expire Video

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AED Pad Expiration Dates

AED Brands is committed to customer education regarding the proper use of automated external defibrillator systems. As a result, we are often asked questions about these advanced medical tools. One recurring question has to do with why AED pads have expiration dates; many of our customers do not understand why these medical items should come with a use-by date. The answer has to do with the construction of these items. Our video provides a full explanation of the need for AED pad expiration dates; however, some customers may appreciate this brief explanation.

AED pads contain a special gel that allows them to make full contact with the patient's skin. Over time, this gel dries out and hardens, making it less likely that the necessary contact can be achieved. AED defibrillator pad expiration dates provide a guide to the expected useful life of the item; use after the expiration date may present a greater risk of failure in achieving the lifesaving results expected from the AED system.