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AED Maintenance

Here are suggested maintenance tips for your AED equipment and accessories.

Defibrillator Equipment

It's highly recommended that equipment isn't used outside the parameters of your AED program except as approved by the Early Defibrillation Program Coordinator and Site Coordinators. Maintain device according to manufacturer’s guidelines.


Keep accessory equipment with the defibrillator and inspect it on a regular basis for readiness and integrity of the device.

Defibrillator Maintenance

Reports of Damage

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for all scheduled defibrillator maintenance checks. Report any performance discrepancies, device defects, or missing, expired, and/or damaged accessories to the Early Defibrillation Program Coordinator immediately.


The defibrillator requires no calibration or verification of energy delivery. The defibrillator has no user-serviceable parts. The defibrillator performs regular self-tests to assure that it is ready for use. While the maintenance required for the defibrillator is minimal, it is important that a regular check of the defibrillator be performed to assure readiness, as described in the defibrillator Instructions for Use.

Suggested Maintenance Schedule

Refer to the suggested maintenance schedule in the defibrillator Instructions for Use, which also provides detailed instructions for responding to each maintenance task.


When necessary, clean the defibrillator using recommended cleaning agents, per the defibrillator Instructions for Use.