Stop The Bleed Deluxe Kit

Stop The Bleed Deluxe Kit


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The Deluxe Stop the Bleed kits provide all the tools needed to enable a responder to help in an emergency situation.

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Stop the Bleed Kit Overview

The Deluxe Version of the Stop the Bleed Kit contains the necessary items to control serious bleeding and prevent further blood loss for a victim suffering a traumatic injury. The Deluxe kit is specially designed to address wounds from car crashes, kitchen accidents, hunting or hiking accidents and much more.

Although most hiking accidents are accidental, over 400 people a year in the United States alone die while hiking. AED Brands has mobilize kits available as well for vehicle accidents.

It can easily be stored in places such as a car, backpack, office drawer, or cabinet at home. The included instructions prioritize which injuries to treat with the appropriate components. The instructions detail how to treat significant blood loss with a tourniquet and how to treat oozing dark red blood with direct pressure. The kit also features gloves, shears and trauma pads to best dress a bleeding wound.

Our bleeding control kits provide all the tools to enable a responder to help in an emergency situation.  3.5″x7″x5″


Windlass Tourniquet 1
Elastic Pressure Strap 1
Chest Seals 2
Hemostatic Gauze Pad, 4″x4″ 1
Israeli Bandage 1
Trauma Pad, 5″ x 9″ 2
Nitrile Exam Gloves 4
Bleeding Control Instructions 1
Marker 1
Bandage Shears 1
Emergency Blanket 1


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