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Oxygen Supplies

AED Brands prides itself on being able to help its customers implement an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program by providing a variety of AED units and AED accessories. Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is often indicated by loss of consciousness, collapse and breathing cessation. First aid oxygen might be the only way to get a victim breathing again. For the nearly 400,000 Americans who may experience an SCA this year, consider complementing your AED Program by adding first aid oxygen to your AED accessories.

Portable Oxygen Machine Types

AED Brands carries several first aid oxygen options that can help ensure that a non-breathing victim receives the oxygen that he or she needs. The OxygenPac Emergency Oxygen system is available in three flow rate settings: 6 & 12 Liter Selectable, 6 Liters per Minute Fixed-Flow, and 0-25 Variable Flow (for EMTs -12 flow settings). This first aid oxygen unit comes ready to use and has wall brackets and screws for easy mounting. It has an easy-to-read supply gauge, simple on-off control lever, and is refillable for a low cost. OxygenPac Emergency Oxygen requires no maintenance, no training certification or medical prescription and can be used in two ways: as supplemental oxygen for someone who is breathing but is having difficulty, or used as a resuscitation device for a non-breathing victim. This first aid oxygen unit also comes with a mask and a 90 minute supply of emergency oxygen. The AED Companion Emergency Oxygen unit is similar to the OxygenPac unit in that it also requires no maintenance, prescription or training certification. It comes complete with a first aid oxygen filled cylinder, mask and case. It has two flow rates available: 6 & 12 Liter Selectable and a Variable Flow (for EMTs – 12 flow settings). The AED Companion Emergency Oxygen unit is lightweight at only 6 pounds, has an easy-to-read supply gauge and is refillable for a low cost. It contains a 40 minute supply of first aid oxygen when the flow rate is set to 6 liters per minute, or a 20 minutes supply when the rate is set to 12 liters per minute. The LIFE Start System AED & Carry Case is the perfect accessory for your AED Program. It can hold emergency first aid oxygen and the small automated external defibrillator Philips OnSite. The case only weighs 8 pounds and will help you easily transport your AED and first aid oxygen to the site of the medical or sudden cardiac arrest emergency.

Oxygen Mask & Oxygen Valve

Once you have first aid oxygen available and ready for a breathing emergency, you may want to consider adding additional masks to your first aid oxygen kit. The LIFE CPR Mask/Valve with Zipper Bag is a good choice. The zipper bag has a belt loop for easy carrying and so you know where it is at all times. The mask is half the size of other “pocket masks” which makes it easily fit both adults and children alike. It is made of contoured soft medical PVC which allows it to conform to all face sizes and shapes. It hygienically protects both the victim and the rescuer with a one-way valve and filter, eliminating transmission of contagious diseases or vomitus. The large airway prevents back pressure, and the mask is clear allowing clear viewing of the victim. The CPR Mask/Valve with 02 inlet barb and strap is for use with both the AED Companion and the OxygenPac first aid oxygen units mentioned above. This mask is smaller than most “pocket masks” which allows it to be used on both children and adults. It is also made with soft medical PVC and is contoured to conform to all faces. To eliminate the risk of transmitting contagious diseases or vomitus, the CPR Mask/Valve is made with a one-way valve and filter which provide hygienic protection. The mask is a superb addition to your first aid oxygen arsenal. If you need to replace or add a mask to your first aid oxygen kit, the LIFE CPR Oxygen Mask/Valve may be just the item you are looking for. It is made from the same high quality materials as the above mentioned masks, and has the same one-way valve and filter for hygienic protection for both the rescuer and victim.

The Importance of Oxygen Therapy

First aid oxygen may be the first or second most important item for your AED Program. You may get the victim’s heart restarted with the automated external defibrillator, but if they are not breathing, or are having difficultly breathing, they may need oxygen. Having a supplemental first aid oxygen supply on hand can help ensure that your employees and coworkers, as well as visitors to your place of business, are well protected in case of a medical emergency.