Zoll AED Pro Accessories

Zoll Medical Corporation’s Pro AED (Automated External Defibrillator) units are reputable, reliable and easy to use. So it’s no surprise that Zoll Pro AED accessories follow this same path. AED brands is proud to offer Zoll Pro AED Accessories that will help make your AED Program the best it can be.


Zoll AED Pro Accessories run the gamut from stat padz to rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, to mounting brackets, to Zoll AED Pro Simulators with SeeThru CPR, and we have them all! Make sure you are prepared in case one of the nearly 400,000 sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victims this year happens to be near you. Don’t be caught short-handed.

Zoll AED Pro Simulator With SeeThru CPR

To make certain that your AED first responders are adequately trained, make sure you have the Zoll AED Pro Simulator with SeeThru CPR. This Zoll AED Pro accessory works with the Zoll AED Pro, E Series and R series automated external defibrillators. It uses “SeeThru CPR” technology that analyzes the heart rhythm during a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)/AED rescue. We also offer a different type of simulator; the Simulator for the Zoll AED Pro is a great product that is used by connecting it to the AED Pro to demonstrate its operation.

For continued training purposes, consider purchasing the CPR-D Padz Training Electrodes. These training electrode pads are for the Zoll AED Plus trainer. The kit includes pads, cable connector and a set of reusable adhesive patches. This is one Zoll AED Pro accessory that you will get a lot of use out of. For additional training sessions consider buying a six pack of stat-padz II Training Electrodes.

Zoll AED Pro Cabinets & Signs

Once your emergency rescue team is trained, it’s time to decide how you are going to store and safely secure your Zoll AED Pro. The Standard AED Wall Cabinet is made in America with sturdy metal construction. It can house all Zoll AED models and Zoll AED Pro accessories. The cabinet comes with three wall mounting options: surface mount, semi-recessed and recessed. No matter which option you choose, your AED will be safe and secure. Make sure you include visible signage so that first responders can easily see where the AED is located.

AED brands offers several signage options that are sure to fit your budget and your space. The AED Wall Display Sign comes in three options as well: V-Shape, Flat and Flanged. All are high-quality and made of sturdy, lightweight metal. You may also want to consider the AED Window Static Cling Decal. This five pack option makes no mess as it adheres to clean windows or other types of glass with no adhesive. Because they are easy on, easy off, these AED decals can be moved if the location of your AED changes.

If the placement of the Zoll AED Pro requires something a little smaller than the AED Wall Cabinet, we also offer the Zoll AED Mounting Bracket. This bracket attaches easily to a wall and may offer a more affordable storage solution for your space. However, an AED wall cabinet offers the most security.

Protective Carrying Case For The AED Plus

If you don’t want to wall mount your AED, or if you need to have it more portable, AED brands has some great carry case options for you. The Large AED Protective Case offers complete protection for your Zoll AED and Zoll AED Pro accessories. It is waterproof and unbreakable; this heavy-duty case can house larger AED models and their accessories. The AED Pro Vinyl Carry Case is sturdy and designed to carry the Zoll AED Pro and an extra battery. The Quicklook AED Portable Backpack is also a good choice. This AED backpack is available in red or black and has reflective piping for nighttime safety. It also has numerous storage pockets and compartments for all your Zoll AED Pro accessories. Plus, it’s ergonomic and comfortable to carry.

AED Maintenance - Replacement Batteries & Pads

Once you’ve got your AED storage or carry case options figured out, you may need to think about making sure that your automated external defibrillator is in top working order. One smart way to do this is to make sure that you do regular maintenance checks on the unit and its battery. As with all batteries, AED batteries have a shelf-life and will expire eventually. Don’t be caught with a dead battery when a sudden cardiac arrest emergency strikes. Consider having one of these batteries (make sure you purchase the proper one for your unit) on hand: Non-Rechargeable AED Pro Battery, Zoll AED Pro Rechargeable Battery, Zoll AED Pro Smart Ready Battery, or the Zoll AED Pro Smart Rechargeable Battery. If you choose to go with a rechargeable battery, AED brands offers the Zoll AED Pro Base PowerCharger. This battery charger is a worthwhile AED Pro accessory investment. It can charge and test up to four batteries at one time. If you only have one AED unit, you may not need such a heavy duty charger, so we also offer the AED Pro Autotest Charger which is designed to hold one Zoll AED Pro rechargeable battery.

Batteries are important to your Zoll AED Pro but so are electrode pads, and pads can expire too. Make sure you have fresh pads on-hand at all times. We carry the Zoll stat padz II in a 12 pack option so you don’t have to worry about buying new pads immediately after an SCA; you’ll already have some in stock. AED brands also carries Zoll AED Plus Adult CPR-D AED Pads and Zoll pedi padz II for Infant/Child. Infants and children who are younger than eight years old and who weigh less than 55 pounds are at risk for SCA as well. Keep them safe from too large of a shock by having infant/child pads on-hand.

AED brands is proud of the selection of Zoll AED Pro accessories that we offer. We strive to bring you the best the market has to offer and that’s why we back all our products up with a 30 day money back and 110% guarantee. We want you to be happy with your purchases so that you can possibly make a difference and save a life one day.

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