Zoll AED Accessories

Dr. Paul M. Zoll began studying and researching the effects of electrical stimulation on the heart in the early 1950s and was the first doctor to successfully show that external defibrillation could regulate heart rhythms in 1956. Since then, Zoll Medical Corporation has become a leader and innovator in the development of cardiac care equipment and automated external defibrillators (AEDs). For these reasons, AED brands is proud to partner with Zoll and offer Zoll AEDs and AED accessories.


Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is one of the most deadly heart ailments to strike. Over 400,000 Americans become victims of this medical problem every year. If left untreated, sudden cardiac death can result in less than 10 minutes. Making sure that every public gathering place, school, health club and fitness center has an AED program in place, and trained AED personnel on staff, is one of Zoll Medical Corporation and AED brands’ goals.

AED Accessory Guarantee

Zoll AED Plus and AED Pro units and their accessories are all backed by AED brands’ 110% satisfaction and 30-day money back guarantees. We know how important these life-saving units are and want your AED program to be the best. Sudden cardiac arrest strikes without warning and without regard to age, social or economic status. Victims can be elementary school children, middle age adults and the elderly. Most SCA events happen without warning and can strike anywhere at any time.

A Middle Valley, Tennessee man was fortunate that his propane gas grill caught fire on Saturday, July 17, 2010. He called 911 and then proceeded to put the fire out, which had spread to his deck, on his own with his garden hose. Volunteer firefighters from the Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department arrived a few minutes later and helped him finish the job. A few minutes later, as the homeowner and firefighters were discussing what had just transpired, the man suddenly keeled over and fell flat on his face! As so often happens with sudden cardiac arrest, the man stopped breathing. Paramedics were called and the firefighters began performing CPR. An automated external defibrillator was hooked up and used within two minutes of the victim’s collapse. The AED recommended a shock and the victim started breathing again. When paramedics arrived, he was stable and was transported to Erlanger Medical Center and is expected to survive.

Benefits Of Having The Right AED Program

Many firefighters and police officers are now being trained for sudden cardiac emergencies not only with CPR techniques but with AED skills as well. CPR is important but it will not save the life of an SCA victim. CPR keeps blood and oxygen flowing to the brain, heart and lungs but if the heart has stopped beating the only way to get it restarted is by using an automated external defibrillator. Sudden cardiac arrest is an electrical interruption to the heart’s rhythm. This ventricular fibrillation, or VF, can be caused by genetic defects such as Long QT Syndrome or Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy or even by a blow to the chest during a sporting event. Sometimes VF happens for reasons unknown. But no matter what the cause, defibrillation (a shock to the heart) must be administered in less than 10 minutes if the victim is to survive.

Zoll AED Batteries, Pads, Cases & More

Zoll Medical Corporation manufactures everything your AED program needs to ensure the safety of the public you may serve, or the staff you employ. Supplementing your unit with AED brands’ Zoll AED accessories such as extra Zoll stat padz, pedi padz for infants and children, extra non-rechargeable or rechargeable AED batteries, or battery chargers will help ensure that you have everything ready in case of an SCA emergency. AED brands also carries Zoll AED carry cases and portable backpacks, AED mounting brackets and location decals, plus AED Pro administrative software that allows you to configure your automated external defibrillator to the American Heart Association guidelines, as well as training units and training electrodes and gels.

AED brands and Zoll Medical Corporation want to partner with you to make sure that you have everything you need when setting up your AED program. Let us help you be prepared if you are ever in one of the over 400,000 sudden cardiac arrest emergencies that will happen in the United States this year.

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