LIFEPAK 1000 AED Accessories

Physio Control is a recognized name in the world of medical emergency equipment and the LIFEPAK 1000 AED is no exception. That’s why AED brands is proud to offer LIFEPAK 1000AED accessories along with LIFEPAK AED units. Ensuring that your Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program has the best equipment is vital for saving lives. LIFEPAK 1000 AED accessories will enable your AED Program and your first responders to successfully treat any sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergency that may arise.


SCA will strike nearly 400,000 Americans this year. Without adequate treatment, many of these victims will die. Don’t let that happen. Shop our wide range of LIFEPAK 1000 AED accessories and be prepared!

Physio Control LIFEPAK 1000 AED Cabinet

Safely storing and securing your LIFEPAK 1000 AED is an important component of your AED program. After all, if the AED is not easily accessible or easily seen, precious seconds may be lost during the sometimes hectic first few minutes of an SCA emergency. With sudden cardiac arrest, every second counts. The Standard AED Wall Cabinet is the perfect solution for storage concerns. This wall mounted, made in America, sturdy metal constructed cabinet can house all AED models. It comes with three mounting options: Surface Mount, Semi-Recessed, and Recessed, one of which should perfectly suit your needs. If you don’t have enough room for a wall cabinet, you may want to consider the LIFEPAK AED Wall Mount Bracket. This AED wall bracket holds the LIFEPAK 1000 as well as the LIFEPAK 500 AEDs and does not take up as much room as a cabinet.


If your needs require that your LIFEPAK 1000 AED accessories and AED unit be portable, we have solutions in that area as well. The Physio Control LIFEPAK 1000 Hard Shell Carry Case is watertight and can hold either the LIFEPAK 1000 or LIFEPAK 500 AED models. It comes in a bright yellow for easy visibility and will keep your LIFEPAK 1000 AED accessories and AED unit safe and secure. The Small AED Protective Carry Case holds most AEDs and is unbreakable, chemical resistant, corrosion proof, dustproof and watertight. It may be small but this AED carry case is mighty.

AED Safety Sign

Having an AED Program in place is vitally important to ensure that anyone who suffers an SCA can be taken care of immediately. However, if no one knows that you have an AED onsite or where the AED is located, your AED Program may fail. Prevent this from happening by using AED Wall Display Signs and AED Window Static Cling Decals to make the location of your AED unit visible and to alert visitors that an AED is onsite. The wall display signs that AED brands offers are made of sturdy, lightweight metal, and come in three display options: V-Shape, Flanged and Flat. The window static cling decals are perfect for areas where it is difficult to attach items to a wall. They don’t require adhesives and are easily removable; easy on, easy off!

Physio Control Battery For AED

Another important consideration in any successful AED Program is the quality and reliability of your AED unit. One such LIFEPAK 1000 AED accessory that cannot be overlooked is the Physio Control LIFEPAK 1000 Battery. As is the case with all batteries, AED batteries have a shelf-life and will expire eventually. Make sure you are never caught in an SCA emergency with a dead AED battery. The LIFEPAK 1000 battery has a shelf-life of five years and has 48 months of standby life. If you conduct daily battery tests only, the LIFEPAK 1000 battery can be expected to provide device power for five years.


AED batteries aren’t the only AED accessories that expire, however. Make sure that you keep track of your electrode pads and their expiration dates as well. The Physio Control Infant/Child AED Pads and Physio Control AED Electrode Pads for adults are just as important to saving lives as the AED unit itself. If you cannot deliver a shock, you cannot restart a heart, and if the pads are expired, chances are that the sudden cardiac arrest will result in sudden cardiac death. Don’t let this happen. Children who weigh less than 55 pounds and who are 8 years old or younger require much less energy to get their hearts restarted. If your place of business primarily serves children, make sure you have infant/child AED pads on hand. If you serve adults and children alike, make sure you have adult sized pads available as well.

LIFEPAK 1000 Oxygen Therapy Machine

Many times an SCA will strike without warning. The first indication that someone may be having trouble is when they become unconscious and collapse. Left untreated, the victim will cease breathing. AED brands carries the LIFEPAK 1000 AED accessory that will help ensure that your victim begins breathing again. The AED Companion Emergency Oxygen unit requires no medical prescription or training certification, and is maintenance-free. It can be used to deliver supplemental oxygen to a victim who is still breathing but having difficulty and it can be used to resuscitate a victim who has stopped breathing. This lightweight (only 6 pounds!) unit fits in your AED wall cabinet, is refillable for a low cost and is available in two flow rates: 6 & 12 Liter Selectable and Variable Flow (for EMTs – 12 flow settings). It has an easy-to-read supply gauge and comes filled with enough oxygen to give a 20 minute supply of oxygen at 12 liters per minute, or a 40 minute supply at 6 liters per minute.

Physio Control LIFEPAK 1000 ECG Electrodes

To make sure that you are getting accurate ECG data from your LIFEPAK 1000 AED, make sure your cables are in working order. The Physio Control 3-wire ECG Cable (Lead II) cables are important LIFEPAK 1000 AED accessories and will ensure that the data you are seeing is the correct data needed in order to successfully treat the SCA victim.

Physio Control LIFEPAK 1000 AED Accessories

Saving lives is the goal of all AED Programs and AED brands wants to help you meet that goal by providing automated external defibrillator units and AED accessories. The LIFEPAK 1000 AED and LIFEPAK 1000 AED accessories are some of the best products on the market. Let us help you create a successful, life-saving AED Program for your place of business, worship or other public gathering place by providing the best AED products on the market.

“I got exactly what I wanted for a very reasonable price, AND I got it fast. Thanks for a good shopping experience.”
Ron, Ecofina River Volunteer Fire Dept.

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