LIFEPAK CR Plus AED Accessories

AED Brands and Physio Control have partnered together to help you and your automated external defibrillator (AED) program be a model of success. Physio Control CR Plus AED Accessories are just a part of how AED brands works with you to help ensure and implement a successful AED rescue plan.


LIFEPAK CR Plus Training System & Kits

Beginning with the Physio Control LIFEPAK CR Plus Training System and ending with the AED/CPR Premium Response Kit, and carrying everything in between, allows AED brands to offer you the CR Plus AED Accessories you need. The LIFEPAK CR Plus Training System is a great tool for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and AED instruction. This important AED accessory includes a remote control that allows you to switch to different rescue scenarios and to pause the AED training scenarios during the session for further instruction or if questions arise. Rounding out your AED training program with a CR Plus Training Electrode Set, CR Plus Infant/Child Training Electrode Set and Infant/Child Training Pads or CR Plus Replacement Training Pads for Adults will help make certain that your first responders have the skills necessary to treat a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victim carefully and successfully.

SCA will strike over 400,000 Americans this near, and many could die if they don’t receive help within a critical 3 – 5 minute treatment window. Don’t let this happen in your place of business. Implement an AED Program and help ensure the safety of coworkers and visitors to, or patrons of, your business.

CR Plus AED Infant & Child Pads

Once your automated external defibrillator program training is complete, ensure that your AED program has all the necessary AED accessories to help make certain that an SCA patient does not end up a sudden cardiac death victim. If your place of business is a day care center or preschool, consider purchasing the Physio Control Infant/Child Starter Kit. This AED accessory includes infant/child pads and a carry case that attaches to your Physio Control AED. It is for use on children who are up to 8 years old or 55 pounds in weight.

The Physio Control Infant/Child Pads Case holds LIFEPAK Infant/Child pads in a safe and secure manner. Pads are not included, so be sure to purchase additional Physio Control Infant/Child AED Pads and remember, pads have a shelf life and will expire by the date indicated on the package. Make sure you are not caught in an SCA emergency with expired pads. Keep a supply on hand and make sure your inspection plan includes checking expiration dates on AED pads and AED batteries.

The AED Inspection tags we carry are perfect for following an inspection plan. Each pack includes five tags that will allow you to record the date on which the inspection was carried out and space for notes regarding the inspection.

LIFEPAK CR Plus Battery Accessories

An automated external defibrillator will not run if its battery is dead. Don’t let a dead battery happen to you during a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. Make sure you have the CR Plus AED Battery [charger] & Pads on hand. AED brands carries a two set or one set option. The two set option comes with two sets of adult pads and one battery charger. Also included with this set is a discharger for safe disposal of a used CHARGE-PAK. The one set option has one set of pads and a battery charger. Take advantage of free shipping and select the two set option for greater savings.

Physio Control CR Plus Wall Cabinets

For a successful AED Program to be properly implemented, your automated external defibrillator needs to be stored in a safe, secure, and clearly marked location. Using the Compact AED Wall Cabinet and one or more AED signage options will help you achieve success. The Compact AED Wall Cabinet has three mounting options (surface, semi-recessed, and recessed), and is American-made using sturdy metal materials and construction. It can house your Physio Control CR Plus AED and other AED models. Clearly marking the location of your AED can be handled easily with AED signs that can be wall mounted or attached to windows or other glass surfaces. The AED Wall Displays come in three options (V-Shape, Flanged, and Flat). The AED Window Static Cling Decal comes five to a pack and features an “easy on, easy off” static cling non-adhesive method of attachment.

CR Plus AED Protective Cases

If your AED Program calls for your automated external defibrillator unit to be mobile, consider one of AED brands excellent offerings in carry cases. The Physio Control CR Plus Hard Shell Carry Case is bright yellow for clear visibility and is watertight. This makes it perfect for a health club, gym or fitness club’s pool area. Another option is the Small AED Protective Carry Case. This AED carry case is unbreakable, watertight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof and offers total protection for most AEDs. If you need a hands-free option for carrying your AED, consider the Quicklook AED Portable Backpack. This pack is available in red or black and has reflective piping and tie-down loops for nighttime safety. The shoulder straps are padded and ergonomic and there is plenty of room for your Physio Control AED and all your CR Plus AED accessories.

AED Oxygen Units

In order to have an even greater chance of a successful SCA rescue, you might want to consider complementing your AED Program with an AED Companion Emergency Oxygen unit. This lightweight (only six pounds!), variable setting supplemental oxygen unit is the perfect CR Plus AED accessory. It will fit in your AED wall cabinet, is refillable at a low cost, has an easy to read supply gauge and can supply oxygen for 40 minutes at a six liters per minute rate or for 20 minutes at a 12 liters per minute rate. This emergency oxygen unit requires no maintenance, no medical prescription and no training certification, and it comes with an oxygen filled cylinder, mask and case.

In order to ensure that the follow-up care an SCA victim receives after being transferred to the hospital, it is helpful if the cardiac arrest data can be downloaded to a computer for further study and review. The Physio Control LIFENET DT Express 3.0 allows you to do just that. With this software, the patient’s doctor or other medical personnel will be able to review ECG, event logs, and test log reports. Plus, the data can be transferred to other computers that are running CODE-STAT software.

AED brands wants you to have a successful AED Program. That’s why we carry CR Plus AED Accessories and other Physio Control AED units. Together we can help save lives.

“You rescued us! We were in a tight bind because another supplier broke their promises. Thanks for your terrific service.”
Susan Lewis, Start-A-Heart

CR Plus/EXPRESS AED Battery & Pads (1 Set)

Physio Control LIFEPAK CR Plus and EXPRESS AED Battery and Pads Kit 11403-000002 (1 Set)
List Price: $110.00
Price $110.00
Free Shipping
You Save:

CR Plus/EXPRESS AED Battery & Pads (2 Sets)

CR Plus Replacement CHARGE-PAK & 2 Sets of Adult Electrodes 11403-000001
List Price: $130.00
Price $130.00
Free Shipping
You Save:

LIFEPAK Infant/Child Starter Kit

Medtronic Infant/Child Starter Kit 11101-000017
List Price: $199.00
Price $199.00
Free Shipping
You Save:

LIFEPAK Infant-Child AED Pads

Medtronic Infant/Child Pads 11101-000016
List Price: $123.00
Price $123.00
Free Shipping
You Save:

LIFEPAK Infant Child Pads Case

Medtronic Infant/Child Pads Case AB 2737
List Price: $92.00
Price $92.00
Free Shipping
You Save:

AED/CPR Premium Rescue Kit

AED/CPR Premium Fast Response Kit AB 3101
List Price: $29.95
Price $29.95
Free Shipping
You Save:

Small AED Protective Carry Case

Small AED Protective Case AB 1720
List Price: $175.00
Price $175.00
Free Shipping
You Save:

Physio Control CR Plus Hard Shell Carry Case

Medtronic Hard Shell Carry Case 11260-000023
List Price: $280.00
Price $280.00
Free Shipping
You Save:

LIFEPAK CR Plus Wall Bracket

LIFEPAK CR Plus Wall Bracket 11210-000021
List Price: $110.00
Price $110.00
Free Shipping
You Save:

Compact AED Wall Cabinet for Storage

Compact AED Wall Cabinet 147
List Price: $239.00
Price $139.00
Free Shipping
You Save:

CR Plus Central Alarm Switch

CR Plus Central Alarm Switch 21300-006587
List Price: $59.00
Price $59.00
Free Shipping
You Save:

Physio Control LIFEPAK CR Plus Training System

Medtronic LIFEPAK CR Plus Training System 11250-000054
List Price: $403.00
Price $403.00
Free Shipping
You Save:

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