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Philips, the company behind HeartSine OnSite automated external defibrillators (AEDs), began working in the healthcare field more than 115 years ago in 1895. Since that time, Philips has grown and expanded and now employs over 160,000 people worldwide. AED brands is proud to partner with Philips and work together to make sure that automated external defibrillators are placed in public gathering places, schools, airports, health clubs and golf courses all over the United States.


Automated external defibrillators are becoming a necessary part of healthcare. The American population is rapidly aging and with age comes more and different healthcare needs. Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a deadly occurrence that strikes over 400,000 Americans each year. Many of these SCA victims die before help reaches them. For every minute that passes during an SCA emergency, the chances of the victim surviving decrease by 10 percent. This means that sudden cardiac death can happen in less than 10 minutes.

Sudden cardiac arrest, while it may happen more often to people who are over 55 years old and who are not in good health, can and does happen to anyone. Children, teenagers, and young adults have all been stricken by this serious heart condition. SCA is described as an interruption to the heart’s electrical functions. The normal rhythm of the victim’s heart is interrupted and becomes erratic and then stops beating, this is known as ventricular fibrillation (VF). The victim loses consciousness and collapses. Eventually the victim stops breathing. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can keep blood and oxygen flowing to the heart, brain and lungs, but CPR alone will not restart the heart. An automated external defibrillator is needed to defibrillate the heart and stop VF. If VF is not stopped within 10 minutes, sudden cardiac death is almost always the outcome.

Importance of Having Extra AED Accessories

Having an AED unit, like the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator, and OnSite accessories, on hand are vital to ensuring that a sudden cardiac arrest doesn’t end in death.

Rowland Keith of Gilford, New Hampshire knows this all too well. Mr. Keith was at home the evening of June 28, 2010, when he collapsed. Police officer Daniel O’Neill received the 911 call and sped across town to Mr. Keith’s residence. He pulled his first aid kit and AED out of his police cruiser’s trunk and walked into the house. He found Mr. Keith motionless and unresponsive. Drawing on his AED training Officer O’Neill determined that defibrillation was necessary. As soon as the AED pads were placed on Mr. Keith’s chest, the unit advised Officer Keith that a shock was needed. After the first shock, a second shock was recommended by the AED and then the unit recommended performing CPR. After 3 minutes and 70 compressions of CPR were delivered, Mr. Keith began moving around. By the time paramedics arrived, Mr. Keith was talking and soon afterward he was rushed to the hospital.

AED brands wants to be able to report more stories like Mr. Keith’s and it’s our goal, along with Philips and the HeartStart OnSite brand of defibrillators and accessories, to make sure we do. We carry OnSite AED accessories that will make your AED program successful and able to handle any SCA emergency that comes your way. The Compact AED Wall Cabinet houses the OnSite AED unit in a safe and secure way. The HeartSine samaritan PAD Training System is a great tool for training your staff on CPR and AED use. AED brands carries replacement batteries so that you never have to worry about an AED not working because of a dead battery. It is also important to note that AED pads expire, so having extra pads on hand is important as well.

Ensuring the safety of the public you serve, and the staff you employ, is of utmost importance. AED brands and Philips OnSite defibrillators and AED accessories can help you do just that.

I'm very happy with the quick turnaround between placing the order and receiving it. AED Brands is also the only source that I could locate for one particular brand of battery. Even though I visit the site approximately once a year, it's good knowing you are just as dependable year in and out.
Jose' Luis, Dept of Technology & Information

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