Philips HeartStart Forerunner AED Accessories

Philips Healthcare has discontinued their production of the Heartstart Forerunner Automated External Defibrillator (AED) but AED brands wants you to know that we still carry many Philips Heartstart Forerunner AED Accessories.


Forerunner AED Batteries

We have the Heartstart Forerunner BT1 Battery and the Philips Forerunner Aviation Battery. Ensure that you are never caught with a dead battery during a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergency. Every minute counts and having an extra battery on-hand helps makes sure that an SCA doesn’t turn into a sudden cardiac death.

Batteries aren’t the only items that have expiration dates. Defibrillator pads also come with a shelf-life; meaning, they can expire too. That’s why we recommend having extra pads on hand. AED brands carries the FR and FR2+ Pads in a 5-pad pack and 1 pack.

Keep Your Philips Forerunner AED Accessible - Cabinets & Decals

If you are looking for a way to mount your Philips Heartstart Forerunner to a wall to safely store it out of the way yet keep it easily accessible and visible, the AED Wall Bracket by Philips will meet your needs. If you prefer to house your Philips AED in a wall cabinet, be sure to consider the Compact AED Wall Cabinet. This sturdy metal cabinet can hold several different AEDs and can be mounted in three different ways: surface mounted, semi-recessed and recessed.

If you have decided to store your Philips Heartstart Forerunner on a wall, the best way to make sure that it is easily seen and found during the stressful minutes of an SCA emergency is to use an AED Wall Display Sign or Window Decal. The Wall Display signs that we carry come in three options: flanged, flat and v-shape. The AED Window Decal easily adheres to any window using static-cling, which makes for easy application and removal with no adhesive mess.

HeartStart Forerunner AED Protective Cases

If your Philips AED needs to be portable, AED brands also offers several carry cases to meet your needs. The Philips Hard Shell Carry Case is rugged and waterproof. It easily fits your Philips Heartstart Forerunner Automated External Defibrillator and the AED’s accessories. The case is durable and was designed for extra-rugged use; it’s great for outdoor rescue situations. The Small AED Protective Carry Case is also waterproof and rugged. It is unbreakable, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof. The Quicklook AED Portable Backpack is great for emergency responders such as police, firefighters, and paramedics. This AED backpack can hold your Philips AED and first-aid equipment. It comes in red or black and has reflective piping for nighttime safety.

We Have Philips AED Response Kits

Two other AED Accessories that you should consider for your emergency rescue plan are the Philips Fast Response Kit and the AED/CPR Premium Response Kit. The Fast Response Kit comes with 2 pairs of hypoallergenic nitrile gloves, a CPR mask, trauma scissors, razor and a large, extra-absorbent paper towel. The Premium Response Kit comes with a zippered carry pouch, a CPR rescue mask, and 2 pairs of non-latex nitrile gloves, trauma shears, medical prep razor and an antiseptic towelette. Don’t be caught without extra Philips AED accessories. Being able to treat a sudden cardiac arrest victim with all the necessary and vital equipment could help make all the difference in their rescue.

As you can see, AED brands carries Philips Heartstart Forerunner AED Accessories so we can easily help you run your AED program successfully and help ensure the safety of everyone who works in your company or who visits your facility every day.

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AED Directional Signs 2-Pack

AED Directional Signs AB 3206
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AED Window Static Cling Decal 5-Pack

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Secure Pull Seal, 10-pack M3859A

Secure Pull Seal, 10-pack M3859A
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