Defibtech Lifeline AED Accessories

Defibtech's Lifeline Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are award-winning and FDA-cleared, and are proudly made in the USA. AED brands carries a wide range of Defibtech Lifeline accessories designed to complement your AED program. We want to make sure that you have everything you need in case a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) happens at your place of business, school, health club or other public gathering place.


Over 400,000 Americans this year will suffer from an SCA and many will not survive. All ages -- children, teenagers, and adults -- can suffer from an SCA. It doesn't matter if they're healthy or unhealthy, rich or poor; sudden cardiac arrest strikes without warning and without treatment most victims die.

Defibtech Lifeline AED Pads For Adults & Pediatric AED Pads

Defibtech Lifeline Adult AED Pads and Defibtech Lifeline Pediatric AED Pads are designed for the Lifeline AED. It's important to know that automated external defibrillator pads have expiration dates. You must do routine checks on your AED unit and AED accessories to make sure everything's ready in case of a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. You never know, the life you save, may be your own! AED pads don't last indefinitely, so it is vitally important to note the expiration dates on the packages and make sure that you don't have expired Lifeline AED pads in your AED first aid kit.

Defibtech Lifeline AED Battery

Another important Lifeline accessory is your AED battery. The Defibtech Standard DBP-1400 Battery is a five year battery designed to be used with the Lifeline AED unit. This standard battery pack comes with a 9-volt lithium battery to power self tests. For an even longer shelf life, consider the Defibtech Long-Life DBP-2800 Battery. This battery for Lifeline AEDs lasts for 7 years. It also comes complete with a 9-volt lithium battery for self tests.

Defibtech Lifeline AED Case & AED Cabinet

The Defibtech AED Soft Carrying Case is designed for Lifeline AED units and Lifeline accessories. If you prefer to wall mount your AED you'll want to consider the Defibtech Brand AED Cabinet. This Lifeline brand AED wall cabinet is surface mountable and is easily seen for those stressful moments during an SCA emergency. To protect your Lifeline AED from unauthorized use, you may want to consider purchasing the Defibtech Brand AED Cabinet with Alarm. This wall mounted cabinet also holds the Lifeline AED and Lifeline accessories but it includes a loud alarm that goes off when the door is opened. If you prefer, or need a wall mounting option that has a smaller profile, you may want to consider the Defibtech Wall Mount Bracket. This Lifeline accessory is designed to easily mount your Lifeline AED easily and quickly to any wall without any cutting into the drywall.

Defibtech Lifeline AED Training & AED Manual

The Defibtech Lifeline Demonstration Video is the perfect addition to your AED training program. This video will show your first responders how to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest emergency and how to care for the victim. If you've misplaced the Defibtech Lifeline Owners Manual, don't despair. AED brands carries the replacement manual so you have all the information you need for the Lifeline AED unit. AED brands is proud to carry the Defibtech Lifeline brand of automated external defibrillators and Defibtech Lifeline accessories. We guarantee your satisfaction and look forward to helping you make your AED program the best it can be!

“Thank you very much for all your help. You guys spoil me with great customer service. You are a delight to work with.”
Ramona, Screven County EMS

Flat AED Wall Sign For Display

AED Wall Sign - Flat AB 3203
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AED Directional Signs 2-Pack

AED Directional Signs AB 3206
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AED Window Static Cling Decal 5-Pack

AED Window Static Cling Decal AB 3210
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AED Inspection Tags (5-pack)

AED Inspection Tags (5-pack) AB 3212
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Secure Pull Seal, 10-pack M3859A

Secure Pull Seal, 10-pack M3859A
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