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Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a serious problem. Over 400,000 Americans each year die from SCA. SCA is not preventable, but it is treatable with the right equipment, accessories, and training. SCA is a sudden interruption in the heart’s ability to pump blood. When the electrical activity of the victim’s heart is affected, sudden loss of consciousness will occur; the victim will collapse and eventually stop breathing. Left untreated, the victim will die. Victims can be young (including infants) or old, or any age in between. SCA does not discriminate. It can happen to the healthy and unhealthy, the rich and poor alike. The only way to stop an SCA from ending in death is to get the heart beating again. And the only way to get the heart beating again is to shock it with an automated external defibrillator (AED). One type of AED, the Powerheart AED G3, is simple to use and dependable and is made by Cardiac Science.


Non-Polarized and Pediatric AED Pads

AED Brands sells the Cardiac Science AED G3 unit as well as Powerheart AED G3 accessories, including non-polarized pads that are simple to use for inexperienced first responders, pads for pediatric use which reduce the amount of energy the defibrillator uses, to polarized defibrillator pads that are used by trained medical personnel. AED brands wants to take this opportunity to remind you that AED pads come with an expiration date, so be sure to check your pads and make sure that you stay in compliance and keep unexpired pads on hand. We carry all brands including Powerheart AED G3 defibrillator pads for adult and pediatric use.

AED Brands also carries the Intellisense lithium battery. This battery is so powerful that it can deliver shocks even after the automated external defibrillator indicates that its battery power is low. However, we recommend having extra batteries on hand to ensure that your defibrillator has full power during an SCA emergency. We also recommend that you keep your spare battery in a Cardiac Science Spare Battery Bag, which keeps it safe and next to the G3 unit by attaching to the G3 carry case. AED Brands also carries the FAA approved Cardiac Science Aviation Battery for use on airplanes.

Being able to review the events of an SCA after it has happened is important for a victim’s follow-up care. AED Brands makes sure you can upload the rescue data easily and quickly from the AED to a computer by using a Cardiac Science G3 Communications Cable or a USB Serial Cable. We also carry adapter cables that will allow you to use your Cardiac Science defibrillator pads with Medtronic and Zoll brand AEDs.

The Cardiac Science AED Wall Sleeve, Wall Mount Racks and Standard AED Wall Cabinets are designed to secure your G3 securely and safely so your AED is ready whenever you need it. Add an AED Wall Display Sign available in four different versions: flat, v-shape, flanged or static cling window decal, to make sure that first responders know where the AED unit is located.

If you choose not to wall mount your automated external defibrillator you may want to consider a Cardiac Science Hard Shell or Large AED Protective Case, or a Quicklook AED Portable Backpack. All three are designed for easy portability, provide protection to the AED Unit and can carry extra AED accessories. In addition, the Hard Shell and Large protective Cases are waterproof.

To make sure that your AED program includes more than just equipment for sudden cardiac emergencies AED brands also carries items such as the Cardiac Science Rescue Backpack, the Cardiac Science Empty backpack, and the Cardiac Science Total Response Rescue Kit. The Rescue Backpack has enough storage for supplies and accessories. The Empty Backpack holds a Cardiac Science Automated External Defibrillator and size D or C oxygen cylinders. The Total Response Rescue Kit is the ultimate kit for responding to over 95% of workplace medical emergencies. The Total Response kit comes with an emergency oxygen cylinder, a tubing mask, a single flow regulator, BBP kits, first aid kit, and a wire wall mount rack. These kits can ensure that your workplace is ready for any medical emergency up to and including an SCA.

Training personnel for sudden cardiac arrest emergencies is the only way to ensure that your AED program is successful. That’s why AED Brands carries the AED training supplies you need. We offer the Cardiac Science AED Trainer, Adult Training Pads, Pediatric Training Pads, and the Cardiac Science AED Trainer Remote Control. All these accessories can be used to implement your AED training program and complement your Powerheart AED G3 unit. To get your AED training course up and running quickly, be sure to purchase the Cardiac Science Quick Start Tool Kit. This CD contains a training demonstration, AED manual, Rescuelink software, MDLink software and warranty information.

“Everything I ordered from you was a low price and we got it fast. You guys are the greatest, keep up the good work.”
Sam Thomas, City of Jacksonville

Cardiac ScienceĀ® G3 AED Adult Pads 9131-001

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Cardiac Science Pediatric Pads 9730-002
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