FirstSave® AED G3 AED Pads

Cardiac Science is the maker of the first automated external defibrillator (AED) to be fully automatic.  AED Brands, the largest distributor for AEDs and AED accessories, is proud to be offering FirstSave AED G3 accessories for all your emergency first responder needs. Making sure that you have the right equipment for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) or other medical emergencies makes your place of business a safe environment for your employees and visitors alike. AED brands offers the FirstSave AED G3 accessories that you need to fulfill your emergency plan requirements.


AED G3 Pads Shelf Life

One of the most important FirstSave AED G3 accessories is an AED battery. As most everyone knows, batteries have a finite shelf life and do not last forever. Therefore, it’s important to have at least one extra AED battery on hand. When left in standby mode, the expected shelf life of the FirstSave AED G3 Battery is five years (from the date of manufacture). Ensuring that you have a working AED battery is vital to your AED program. Don’t be caught without one.

Many people may not know this, but AED pads also have a shelf life and expire just like batteries. Therefore, the next most important FirstSave AED G3 accessories are automated external defibrillator pads.

Cardiac Science FirstSave Pediatric & Adult Pads

Cardiac Science Pediatric Pads are for use on children who are under eight years old or who weigh less than 55 pounds. Children don’t require as much energy from an automated external defibrillator as adults do, so it’s important to have the proper pads for their SCA medical needs. If your AED program is for an elementary school or preschool, or another child-related industry, then you need to make sure that you have the proper AED equipment, including pediatric pads, available.

If your business mainly serves adults or if your AED program is located in an office building, then you want to make sure that you have plenty of Cardiac Science Adult AED Pads on hand as well. These FirstSave AED G3 accessories have a two year shelf life and fit all Cardiac Science AEDs.

If your AED program is still in the training stages, then AED Brands has four FirstSave AED G3 accessories that will get your AED program started off right. The Cardiac Science AED Trainer is a great cardiopulmonary (CPR)/AED instruction tool. It simulates eight rescue scenarios and will almost certainly prepare your first responders for an SCA emergency.

The second in the group of FirstSave AED G3 accessories that AED brands sells is the Cardiac Science AED Trainer Remote Control. This wireless remote control allows instructors to remotely control and change rescue situations during a training session. This teaches students how to respond to different rescue scenarios thus making the training situation much more realistic.

The third and fourth FirstSave AED G3 accessories that we offer are the Cardiac Science Pediatric Training Pads and the Cardiac Science Adult Training Pads. These pads are to be used with the Cardiac Science AED Trainer and are a great tool for teaching employees or other emergency rescue workers how to use an AED.

If you find that your AED is going to need to be protected but find it necessary to keep it safe for transport to an SCA emergency you may want to consider the Large AED Protective Case. This waterproof and unbreakable heavy-duty case provides complete protection for your AED and other FirstSave AED G3 accessories.

Another important first aid tool to add to your AED program is the AED Companion Emergency Oxygen kit. This FirstSave AED G3 accessory requires no maintenance, no medical prescription, and no training certification. This lightweight, refillable, variable setting AED accessory can be used to administer supplemental oxygen to a victim with breathing problems or used as a resuscitator for a non-breathing victim. The gauge is easy to read, and it contains a 40 minute supply of oxygen when used at 6 liters per minute or a 20 minute supply when used at 12 liters per minute. This oxygen kit is the perfect FirstSave AED G3 accessory and will compliment your AED program.

Other FirstSave AED G3 accessories that we offer are the Cardiac Science Ready Kit, which includes a carry case, towel, nitrile gloves, gauze, razor, antiseptic wipes, scissors and a one-way filter mask. We also have AED Inspection Tags (5-pack) so you can easily keep track of your scheduled AED inspections, and AED Window Static Cling Decal (5-pack). These decals are easy-on, easy-off; they use no sticky messy adhesives and adhere to any clean window or smooth mirrored glass surface. Make sure your AED’s location is easily seen and known by using these window decals to signify where it is located.

AED Brands knows that keeping your employees, visitors and other members of the public who visit or work at your place of business safe is important to you. Setting up an AED program is the first step in this safety plan. Adding first aid equipment like the FirstSave AED G3 accessories we offer will ensure that your AED program meets your goals of keeping people safe.

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Cardiac Science® G3 AED Adult Pads 9131-001

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Cardiac Science Pediatric Pads 9730-002
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Cardiac Science G3 Pediatric TRAINING Pads

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