Cardiac Science & Survivalink FirstSave AED Batteries

Cardiac Science and Survivalink® FirstSave® Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are synonymous with quality and emergency health care. That’s why AED Brands is proud to offer Cardiac Science AEDs as well as Survivalink FirstSave AED G3 Accessories.


Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) may strike more than 400,000 Americans this year and many of these victims may die if emergency first responders don’t have access to an AED. Ensuring that sudden cardiac death is not a result of these SCAs could be a daunting task if it weren’t for the Survivalink FirstSave AED G3 Accessories that we offer.

The first step in any automated external defibrillator emergency plan is to make sure that the first responders are well-prepared, well-equipped and well-trained. The Cardiac Science AED Trainer can be used to simulate eight different rescue scenarios. Pair the AED trainer with the Cardiac Science AED Trainer Remote Control, Cardiac Science Pediatric Training Pads and Cardiac Science Adult Training Pads and your training program will have everything it needs to train first responders. Handling a sudden cardiac arrest emergency with precision and calm is paramount to a successful rescue.

Fully-Charged AED Batteries Save Lives

Once your AED emergency plan is in place and all your first responders are trained, making sure that your AED is ready for an SCA emergency is of utmost importance. The FirstSave AED G3 Battery has a one year warranty and has a shelf life of five years. Typically, each battery can deliver up to 290 shocks over its lifetime. However, having a spare FirstSave AED G3 battery on-hand is smart. An automated external defibrillator is useless without a fully-charged, working battery.

Batteries aren’t the only AED accessories that carry an expiration date. AED Pads have a shelf life also (generally about two years). That’s why AED Brands sells Cardiac Science Adult AED Pads and Pediatric Pads. Pediatric pads are to be used on children under eight years of age or weighing 55 pounds or less. Make sure you check the expiration date on your pads on a regular basis and avoid a tragedy by having extra AED pads on hand.

Another important consideration for your AED program is the safe storage of your AED. Using a Large AED Protective Case for your FirstSave AED G3 is a smart choice. This case is waterproof and unbreakable; it provides complete protection for your AED and AED accessories. Making your AED’s location easily visible to first responders can be accomplished by using AED Window Static Cling Decals. These AED decals are “easy on, easy off.” They hold firmly to any clean window or glass surface and don’t require a adhesive which makes them easy to remove if the location of your AED changes.

Cardiac Science AED Battery Inspection

Keeping track of your AED inspections is made easy by using AED Inspection Tags. This pack of five inspection tags allows you to keep track of battery and defibrillator pad inspection dates and their expiration dates, along with other important AED equipment checks. Make sure your AED program is kept up to date and your automated external defibrillator and your AED accessories are inspected on a routine basis to avoid an SCA result in death.

Compliment your AED emergency program with the AED Companion Emergency Oxygen unit. Choose from 6 & 12 liter selectable or variable flow (for EMTs – 12 flow settings). This unit is maintenance-free and does not require a prescription or training certification for use. It is perfect for lay-responders and professional emergency medical technicians alike. This AED accessory weighs only 6 pounds, has an easy to read gauge, has variable settings and can be refilled for a low cost. This important emergency tool gives a 20 minute supply of oxygen at 12 liters per minute and a 40 minute oxygen supply at 6 liters per minute.

To make your AED first aid program even more complete, be sure to order the Cardiac Science Ready Kit. This AED G3 accessory kit comes with a carry case, one towel, Nitrile gloves, four inch gauze, razor, antiseptic wipes, scissors and a one-way filter mask – everything you need to make sure you’re ready for a medical emergency.

AED Brands would also like to recommend the Cardiac Science G3 Communications Cable. This important AED accessory allows the download of sudden cardiac arrest event data and the upload of product upgrades to your Cardiac Science AED G3 unit. Being able to study the data from the SCA event can be important in determining what treatment course should be undertaken by the victim’s doctor and in determining how an SCA emergency could be handled better or differently the next time an SCA happens.

Cardiac Science wants to make sure that your AED program is the best it can be and that the people you work with, or the public you serve, are assured of receiving quick emergency care during the first critical minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest. Let AED Brands help you meet your goals.

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