Cardiac Science AED Accessories

Cardiac Science Powerheart®, G3 Pro®, Survivalink® and FirstSave® AEDs are all world-renowned defibrillators. If sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) strikes having one of these automated external defibrillators on hand can mean the difference between life and death. Sudden cardiac arrest happens to over 400,000 Americans ever year. Many of these SCA victims die because for every minute that passes without treatment from the onset of the attack, the chances of survival go down by 10 percent.


Why Carrying The Right AED Accessories Is Important

Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when a victim’s heart, no matter what their age or economic or social status is, begins to quiver, or beat erratically. Sometimes this happens because of any unknown deformity of the heart, like Long QT Syndrome or Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, sometimes the reasons remain unexplained. In children VF sometimes happens from an accidental blow to the chest by a ball during a gym class or sporting event. This ventricular fibrillation, or VF, must be stopped or defibrillated, within 3 – 5 minutes to avoid brain damage. If more time passes, sudden cardiac death almost always occurs. The signs of SCA are generally not felt until the attack begins. The victim will feel dizzy and collapse. Then they quickly lose consciousness and stop breathing.

A 64-yearold member of the Mount. Kisco Athletic Club in Mount Kisco, New York, knows this all too well. He was working out on the treadmill when he lost consciousness. Kathy Margiasso and Valerie Yaskovic, two of the club’s personal trainers, were notified and they rushed over to the victim. When they saw him lying on his back, Margiasso ran to get the AED while Yaskovic stayed with the victim. The gym’s manager, Tom Brady, heard the AED alarm go off so he immediately called 911. The man was not breathing and the trainers could not find a pulse. They attached the AED pads to his chest and waited for the unit to respond. A shock was needed and delivered, and then the two women started cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Paramedics arrived 15 minutes after the emergency 911 call and transported the victim to the hospital, where he is expected to recover.

CPR is important in an SCA emergency, but it alone cannot restart a victim’s heart. Only an AED can defibrillate the heart and get it beating again. Making sure that a school, health club, fitness center or public place is equipped with the necessary items for a sudden cardiac arrest victim is AED Brands’ goal. That’s why we make sure to sell Cardiac Science AED accessories, such as Adult AED Pads, Pediatric AED Pads, Lithium Batteries, AED Wall Racks, and Total Response Rescue Kits. Not to mention, Cardiac Science AED Trainers and the Quick Start Tool Kit – a CD that contains a training demo, AED manual, software and more. AED Brands has everything you need to make your AED Program and AED trained personnel ready and able to handle an SCA emergency if and when it strikes. Don’t be caught unprepared.

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