AED Cabinets for Zoll

Zoll AED cabinets are specifically designed to house the automated external defibrillators produced by this well-known manufacturer. AED Brands offers a varied selection of Zoll AED wall cabinets to suit your company's needs. We stock recessed, semi-recessed and surface-mounted units that can be used in almost any area, allowing you to provide this advanced medical protection for your staff and members of the public where it is most needed. Zoll also offers clear cabinets and stainless steel models for added visibility and durability in heavy traffic areas.


Our full line of Zoll defibrillator wall cabinets is designed to provide secure, convenient storage for these advanced medical devices in highly visible areas of the workplace or public venue. By incorporating these cabinets in high-traffic areas of your business or public enterprise, you can provide immediate assistance for staff members or guests who may be suffering from a cardiac arrest on your premises. 

I'm very happy with the quick turnaround between placing the order and receiving it. AED Brands is also the only source that I could locate for one particular brand of battery. Even though I visit the site approximately once a year, it's good knowing you are just as dependable year in and out.
Jose' Luis, Dept of Technology & Information