Outdoor AED Wall Cabinet with Alarm & Heating Aivia 200
Outdoor AED Wall Cabinet with Alarm & Heating Aivia 200
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Outdoor AED Wall Cabinet with Alarm & Heating

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AED Brands offers the best solution for outdoor AED placement.  This weatherproof outdoor AED wall cabinet is the most complete and advanced solution available.  An internal fan will lower temperature in the summer and reduce humidity, while the heating element will maintain a positive temperature even in -4°F weather.

Other Features Include

  • Controlled heating and fanning system activated by a temperature sensor
  • Lightweight and modern design with visible markings
  • Audible alarm and visual alarm (flashing red LEDs)
  • Low ambient lighting system
  • No-rust polycarbonate cover (high impact and thermal shock resistant)

Over 120,000 Aivia cabinets have been installed in nearly 40 countries worldwide.

The Aivia 200 AED wall cabinet can house all AED models.

15 1/4 x 7 15/16 x 16 5/8

Questions Comments
How important is an IP rating for outdoor cabinets? Contrary to common beliefs, too high of an IP rating can cause more problems than benefits.  A higher IP rating in a cabinet prevents condensation from escaping and can hurt the AED equipment.  With an IP 44 rating, this cabinet is weatherproof without risking high condensation.
Is the heating element necessary? AED manufacturers require that the device be maintained usually from 32°F to 122°F.  This cabinet heating and fanning system is activated through a temperature sensor and allows for a controlled temperature.
Are unlocked cabinets susceptible to vandalism or theft? When it comes to cardiac arrest, seconds count.  Restricted access and/or combination locks on cabinet doors can result in a loss of precious minutes you can't afford to lose.  In spite of low vandalism and theft rates, the cabinet activates an alarm when the AED is removed.
What kind of alerts are available? The cabinet is equipped with an audible alarm.  In addition, flashing lights give a visual warning.
Can any AED model fit into the cabinet? Yes, the cabinet can house any AED in the U.S. market.

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