AED Cabinets for LIFEPAK

AED Brands offers an extensive selection of LIFEPAK defibrillator wall cabinets constructed specifically to fit these advanced lifesaving technological devices. Wall-mounted cabinets offer superior visibility and improved access for staff members, facility supervisors and other qualified individuals in the event of a medical emergency. Our selection of LIFEPAK AED wall cabinets includes models equipped with alarms and strobe lights to alert those in the immediate vicinity that medical help is required. This added degree of protection can also ensure that your AED system remains safe from theft or accidental damage.


Sturdy and well constructed, our lineup of LIFEPAK AED cabinet choices is ideal for storage of your LIFEPAK AED system. LIFEPAK automated external defibrillators offer exceptional ease of use in cases of sudden cardiac arrest, making them a vital element in your office's emergency preparedness initiatives. These specialized storage cabinets offer clear visibility for your staff members and can boost awareness of these important emergency medical tools.

“Great deals and a wide selection to choose from. I’ll shop here again.”
Dr. Tom Faerber, Surgical Arts