AED Cabinets for Philips HeartStart

Philips HeartStart automated external defibrillators are among the most trusted in the medical marketplace. AED Brands offers a range of Philips HeartStart AED wall cabinets designed for use in the workplace, in public venues or in any area where the need for emergency medical attention might arise. Our lineup of Philips HeartStart defibrillator wall cabinet choices can provide highly visible storage for your AED system. This added visibility and easy access can save valuable minutes when a life is on the line.


Philips HeartStart AED cabinets can be mounted on walls and are available in semi-recessed and surface-mount versions for added versatility in your workplace or facility. Some models incorporate a flashing strobe light and alarm system to alert nearby staff members when the system is in use. This can help to prevent unauthorized use of the AED emergency system and can ensure that appropriate personnel are informed when a medical emergency occurs on the premises.

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