AED Wall Cabinets for HeartSine

For added safety in the workplace, our selection of HeartSine AED wall cabinets can provide your staff members and guests with easy access to automated external defibrillator equipment. Highly visible and suitable for mounting on almost any wall, HeartSine AED cabinets are designed to fit the entire range of HeartSine models and can provide added protection for these devices against theft or loss. AED Brands offers HeartSine cabinets in a choice of styles to suit your company's needs. Equipped with advanced alarms to help alert others in the area to the emergency, these storage solutions are ideal for the office environment.


HeartSine defibrillator wall cabinets are the right choice for convenient and speedy access in the event of a cardiac event in your facility or workplace. These solidly constructed and durable cabinets can stand up to years of wear and provide your AED system with a safe and secure storage space, allowing it to perform its lifesaving duties when they are needed most.

“I want to tell you how completely satisfied I am with the way you handled my order. Both by telephone and over the Internet, you have been totally professional and helpful.”
Jessie Gi, West Star Credit