Defibrillator Cabinets for Defibtech

AED Brands is your one-stop source for Defibtech defibrillator wall cabinets to suit the needs of your office. Designed to work with the Defibtech line of automated emergency defibrillators, these sturdy cabinets are available with or without an alarm. Alarmed versions of the Defibtech AED cabinet offer added protection for these systems against theft or accidental damage and can alert nearby personnel of a situation that requires their immediate attention. Sturdy and easy-to-install cabinets from Defibtech are an ideal addition to your emergency equipment list and keep defibrillation devices safe and ready for use when they are needed most.


Defibtech AED wall cabinets are built to last and ensure that your company's AED investment is highly visible for employees and guests to your facilities. This added degree of access can save lives and protect the health of your guests and staff members. AED Brands makes it easy to provide the benefits of these lifesaving devices for your facility.

I'm very happy with the quick turnaround between placing the order and receiving it. AED Brands is also the only source that I could locate for one particular brand of battery. Even though I visit the site approximately once a year, it's good knowing you are just as dependable year in and out.
Jose' Luis, Dept of Technology & Information