Wall Cabinets for Cardiac Science Defibrillators

Cardiac Science AED cabinets provide a convenient and secure way to store AED supplies in the office environment. Our selection of Cardiac Science defibrillator wall cabinets includes units equipped with alarms and strobe lights that can be enabled or disabled as needed. These added features can be linked with existing security systems to provide remote alerts to appropriate on-site staff members, allowing added responsiveness in emergency situations. Sturdy and durable, these cabinets are available in surface-mounted, semi-recessed and fully recessed models to suit any office or facility needs. See-through doors make it easy to identify the contents of the cabinet at a glance for faster response times.


At AED Brands, we offer an extensive array of Cardiac Science AED wall cabinets ideal for storing these advanced lifesaving devices and providing clear visibility and access in a medical emergency. Easy to install and constructed for maximum durability, these AED cabinets are a valuable addition to your office emergency response toolkit.

AED Brands had exactly what I needed and shipped it to me in a very timely manner.
Megan Schwaiger,