Contributions to Charity Water

Contributions to Charity Water

Community Service

AED Brands is proud to support Charity: Water, an organization that is committed to providing clean drinking water to people who live in water-insecure areas around the world.

While not a local charity, we believe in the power of facilitating positive change across the world and using our abilities

“We believe in the power of making a difference even far away from our own community. We are fortunate and blessed to be able to help those who are in need of the most basic necessities in far away lands.” – Keith Hildebrandt, AED Brands

The organization recognizes that water opens the door to more than just its potability. Clean water enables a greater level of education because less time is spent tracking back and forth from far-away water sources. It also greatly reduces the risk of water-borne illnesses that kill more people than armed conflicts each year.

Donations can even be made to specific projects or regions of need across the globe. With ongoing efforts in 29 countries, Charity: Water has served over 13 million people around the world.