ZOLL AED Plus Battery Check

ZOLL AED Plus Battery Check

ZOLL AED Plus Batterie

How to Check the ZOLL AED Plus Batteries

The batteries used in ZOLL AED Plus devices should last approximately 5 years. To determine whether the batteries are fully charged, look for a green LED light on the front of the device. If the LED is red, the batteries need to be changed.

CAUTION! Use Duracell batteries only. Do not use Panasonic, Rayovac, or Varta batteries. Use of Panasonic, Rayovac, or Varta batteries may result in significantly longer defibrillator charging times than those required during emergency situations

ZOLL Battery Installation Self Test

The AED Plus performs a self test whenever batteries are installed and verifies the following functions:

1. Defibrillation Electrodes Connection: Verifies that the defibrillation electrodes are properly preconnected to the device.

2. ECG Circuitry: Verifies that the ECG signal acquisition and processing electronics are functional.

3. Defibrillator Charge and Discharge Circuitry: Verifies that the device’s defibrillator electronics are functional and can charge and discharge at 200 joules.

4. Microprocessor Hardware/Software: Verifies proper function of the AED Plus microprocessor electronics and the integrity of its software.

5.CPR Circuitry and Sensor: Verifies that CPR monitoring and compression depth detection are functional.

6. Audio Circuitry: Verifies that voice prompts are functional. At the end of this self test, the AED Plus prompts the user to press the Battery Reset Button, located inside the battery compartment. Pressing this button resets the unit’s battery usage indicator to full charge

ZOLL AED Plus Battery Installation

Remove all batteries at once and dispose of batteries properly. Place new batteries into the battery bank, observing battery polarity markings and making sure that all batteries are securely seated and properly oriented. After placing the first 5 to 9 batteries in the battery well, the INSTALL BATTERIES audio prompt reminds you to install the remaining batteries in the battery compartment.


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