Why Arborists Should Own AEDs

Why Arborists Should Own AEDs


Arboriculture is a profession that requires a high degree of physical stamina and skill. Yet, like any physically demanding job, it carries inherent risks, specifically cardiovascular emergencies. This makes it imperative for arborists to have immediate access to Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). These life-saving devices, when placed in arborist trucks, could make a significant difference in emergency situations.

AEDs and Physically Demanding Jobs

Firstly, the physically demanding nature of arborist work places individuals in this industry at higher risk for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). SCA is a condition in which the heart abruptly and unexpectedly stops beating, and it can occur even in those who seem healthy and have no known heart disease. Performing strenuous tasks like climbing, pruning, and removing trees in Atlanta stresses the heart, increasing the chance of SCA.

The Survival Period

The critical period for survival in SCA cases is extremely short. Every minute that passes without defibrillation decreases the likelihood of survival by 7-10%. It is a grim reality that in many cases, emergency services are unable to arrive within this critical window, particularly in remote, difficult-to-access locations where much of the arboriculture work is performed. This makes owning an AED, a portable device that can deliver an electric shock to attempt to restore a normal heart rhythm, not just advantageous but potentially life-saving.

AEDs are designed to be simple to use. Even without medical training, anyone can operate them. They guide the user through clear spoken prompts and are capable of analyzing the heart’s rhythm to determine whether a shock is needed. This means that an arborist, a colleague, or even a bystander could administer potentially life-saving treatment in the critical moments before professional help arrives.

Moreover, arborists often work in teams. In the event of SCA, a coworker’s prompt response could be the difference between life and death. Equipping each arborist truck with an AED ensures that this life-saving technology is always within reach.

The initial investment in AEDs may seem steep, but considering the potential to save lives, it’s an investment that is well justified. Moreover, many insurance companies offer lower premiums to businesses that implement safety measures like AEDs, making them a financially viable option.

Furthermore, demonstrating a commitment to safety can also enhance the reputation of arborist businesses. Clients may feel more confident knowing that the professionals working on their property prioritize safety and are prepared for emergencies.

In conclusion, whether you’re a small company or Atlanta’s best landscapers, owning AEDs and placing them in arborist trucks is a necessary measure for safeguarding the health of arborists. The nature of their work increases the risk of SCA, and in such situations, every second counts. AEDs provide an immediate, effective response that can bridge the gap until medical professionals arrive. It’s not just a piece of equipment, but a demonstration of an arborist’s commitment to safety and a potentially life-saving tool in the most dire of circumstances.


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