What you need to know about your AED’s “End of Life”

What you need to know about your AED’s “End of Life”

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When you hear the term “end of life” it can be a bit daunting. Let us make it simple for you!

What does End of Life mean?

End of life refers to an AED model being discontinued by the manufacturer. This simply means that they will no longer provide support for that particular device.

How do I know if my AED is at End of Life?

If you are unsure if your AED is at the End of Life, give us a call! We will let you know more information about your AED and how to keep your AED program up-to-date.

Do I need to buy a new AED?

When your AED is at end of life you don’t necessarily need a brand new AED right away. However, you do need to be aware that your model has been discontinued. Shortly after a device is discontinued the accessories, including pads and batteries, will no longer be available for purchase. As long as all of your components are functioning properly and passing the maintenance checks there is no need to worry! However, if upkeep is no longer available for your AED you will need to look into purchasing a new one.

What is the risk of not following end of warranty?  

If your AED is past its warranty there is a possibility that it will not perform correctly during a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. Your AED will alert you if there are any maintenance issues during a routine self-check. Failure to take action when given a warning could result in a fatality.


If you still have questions about the end of life for your AED, you can always leave us a comment, give us a call at 800-580-1375, or email us at customerservice@aedbrands.com



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