What Happens When an AED Reaches the End of Warranty

What Happens When an AED Reaches the End of Warranty


A warranty period specifies the time in which the manufacturer expects the unit to function properly. Once the AED has passed this period, the value and reliability of your AED is unknown. Your AED will no longer have the latest in technological advances and innovative features.

If you take the chance and keep your AED that has an expired warranty, it may even cost you more to buy supplies for the device as opposed to purchasing a new one. Even if you can find the parts for your AED, certain features may be phased out over time, limiting your ability to keep your AED rescue ready. When your AED nears its end of its warranty, call us.  We often run promotions for upgrades to the latest technology.

If you still have questions regarding your AED’s warranty, call us! Our qualified reps can help you determine whether your older device should be replaced. We also offer trade-in credits for older models! For a free consultation, call us at 800-580-1375 or at sales@aedbrands.com.


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