What does the date on your AED accessory indicate?

What does the date on your AED accessory indicate?

expiration dates


Do you know what the date symbol on your AED acessory means? Many people don’t!

It is very important to understand what the dates on your AED batteries and pads indicate. This will help prevent confusion when it is time to replace. There are three types of dates commonly used: Manufactured Date, Install By Date, or Expiration Date. These are usually distinguished by the following:

A symbol of an hour glass indicates an expiration date. This date specifies when the AED accessory should be replaced. If an expiration date is shown, one should replace the accessory no later than that printed date.

A symbol of a building indicates a manufactured date. This represents the date in which the AED accessory was produced. This is not an expiration date.

The words “Install Before” indicates an install by date. This date represents the shelf-life of an AED accessory. To get the guaranteed life expectancy, one must use the accessory no later than this date. Life expectancy of accessories will vary between 2-7 years, depending on the manufacturer & model.  This is not an expiration date. The expiration date will be counted from the date the accessory was installed.


  • If your AED accessory uses an “Install by” or “Manufactured Date”, write the date you installed the accessory on an inspection tag or on a spreadsheet.
  • Designate someone responsible for checking the device monthly. Make sure the device is “rescue ready” (a signal indicating readiness) and that all of the expendables are current and installed correctly.
  • Most batteries are Lithium based and should be recycled. Lithium based batteries should never be placed in the trash. However, pads (electrodes) can be discarded in the trash.


Whichever date you may have, check to see if your AED supplies are up to date! If you are ever in need of AED supplies, give us a call at 800-580-1375. If you still have questions you can always leave us a comment, or email us at customerservice@aedbrands.com


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