The one thing you should know BEFORE leaving for your summer vacation

The one thing you should know BEFORE leaving for your summer vacation

aed on beach

It’s a parent’s nightmare. You’re at a beautiful beach resort watching your kids swimming in the pool when suddenly one of them is missing. That’s exactly what happened in March at the Oceanfront Avista Resort in Myrtle Beach. A 12-year old was swimming in the resort’s beautiful Lazy River pool when his leg was suddenly pulled and trapped in a suction pipe with a missing drain cover at the bottom of the pool. He was pulled out and needed CPR immediately to save his life.

Hiking the trail of the Spruce Flats Falls area in the Smokey Mountains, a man suddenly collapsed. Once again, immediate CPR was necessary for survival until an automated defibrillator was brought and used to restore a normal heart rhythm.

Deadly accidents can happen anywhere at any time. But the chance of survival, especially while on vacation, may depend on you knowing how to give life-saving CPR. Whether you are on the beach, camping in the mountains, or visiting a recreation park, emergency response teams could take more than 20 minutes to arrive to help. Your family’s life might depend on you knowing what to do.

If you have a cardiac emergency while on vacation and you do nothing but wait for EMS to arrive, the victim has about a 5% chance of survival. If you do immediate CPR until EMS arrives, you can increase their chance of survival to 25 to 35%!

This is National CPR and AED Awareness Week. Before you go on vacation, learn how to perform CPR. Better yet….have your entire family take a class so they can help you during an emergency. You can schedule a CPR training class with us, by clicking here!

Whether you’re a plumber, arborist or mechanic, even if you think you’re acclimated to the heat, you need to know CPR and have an AED


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