Four reasons why should you purchase an AED

Four reasons why should you purchase an AED

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Do you ever wonder why Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are becoming so common? This is because people are now beginning to understand their importance to the community. There are many reasons why you should purchase an AED, but here are the top four reasons.

  1. AEDs save lives – This reason is so simple and true. We always say here at AED Brands, “It’s better to have an AED and not need it, than need an AED and not have it”. If you follow our Facebook or LinkedIn page, you can read news articles about real people who were saved by someone, or have saved someone, with an AED. See a lifesaving moment all thanks to an AED here.
  2. Anyone can fall victim to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) – Most people think older people would be more susceptible to SCA, but the majority of SCA occurrences are found in young athletes . A young athlete dies every 72 hours from SCA. Even infants, toddlers, and children can suffer from SCA (that is why we provide infant/child pads).
  3. EMS is more than 4 minutes away – It takes 10 minutes to die from SCA, and people assume that if EMS is needed they will make it in time to save a victim from SCA. However, the American Heart Association (AHA) has confirmed that in order for an SCA victim to survive, defibrillation must take place within 3-4 minutes of the cardiac arrest. AHA has also confirmed that an EMS call–to-shock time interval of <5 minutes cannot be reliably achieved with conventional EMS services. What this means is, if there is not an AED readily available near the scene, the victim will most likely die from SCA.
  4. Everyone’s life is worth more than $2.19 per year – The price of our least expensive AED is $1225, and the warranty lasts for 8 years. Maintenance costs run about $176 every other year. If you add the price of the AED with the maintenance costs divided by the time your device is in warranty and the people in your location, you will see that you truly can afford to save someone’s life!


If you are convinced that you are in need of an AED, give us a call at (800)580-1375. If you still have questions, you can always leave us a comment or email us at


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