Does your company work like a pocket watch?

Does your company work like a pocket watch?

pocket watch

How would you define your company? Is there something you can compare it to? What about a pocket watch?

Our entire team gets together twice a year. We have meetings about the company, we enjoy meals together, we play fun games, and we go on company outings. When our teamwork skills were tested during an escape game, this past week, we saw our strengths and weaknesses first hand. After we conquered our mission, we came together to talk about our company. Someone interjected into the conversation and said that we were like a pocket watch. What does that mean exactly? What makes a company like a pocket watch? And does your company truly function as a pocket watch?

The outside of a pocket watch is beautiful, seamless, and portrays that the inside of the watch is just as beautiful. The outside of the pocket watch is an example of our territory managers. While they work for the company, they are on the outside. They are the great public speakers, they are always charismatic, and are the face of our company. Without the outside of the watch, it could still work, but it would not be such an elegant piece. Without the territory managers our company would work, but just like the pocket watch, we would not be as a desirable company to work with.

The inside of a pocket watch keeps time, keeps the gears turning, and is the reason you buy the watch. The inside of the pocket watch is an example of our departments like accounting, inside sales, office manager, social media, customer service, and inventory. They are the ones who do the inside work for the company. They keep the customers happy, the inventory moving, the accounts balanced, the brand marketed on social media, and keep the company working together. Without the inside of the watch, the watch would still be beautiful on the outside, but it would not function. Without the different departments that make up the inside of the company, our company would not work at all, it would just be a elegant looking piece of junk.

The chain of the pocket watch keeps the watch from plummeting to the ground and breaking apart. The chain of the pocket watch is an example of our president. Each chain link resembles the strength he carries through knowledge, experience, and care for his company. Without a strong chain, the watch would break, but too heavy of a chain and the pocket watch becomes too much of a hassle to carry around. Without the chain on the pocket watch, the watch might not be used, or will become hooked up to a usable chain. Without our president, the weight of our company would not be carried by a strong leader. We would plummet to the ground and our company would break apart.

Without these three main pieces working together, the pocket watch would not work, would not be seamless looking, and would break apart. Without three main parts of a company, it will not work efficiently, it will not be a desirable company to work with, and it will break apart.

Can you compare your company to a pocket watch? How do your three main parts work together?


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