Can I use an AED on a pregnant woman?

Can I use an AED on a pregnant woman?



Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can happen to ANYONE, at ANYTIME. Approximately 360,000 people a year die from this. That’s more 1,000 per day! This statistic includes all types of people. Yes – even pregnant women. SCA does not discriminate and you should treat a pregnant woman as any other patient that falls victim to SCA.

According to the American Heart Association, responders that are attempting to rescue a mother suffering from SCA should not be concerned about harming the fetus by doing chest compressions or by using an AED. However, waiting around for EMS to arrive will greatly decrease the chances for survival for both the mother and child.1

After starting hands-only CPR, having someone retrieve the AED, have a fellow bystander call 911 and let them know that the victim is indeed pregnant. This will allow their team to act fast if an emergency C-section needs to be performed upon their arrival. If you do end up reviving the mother, place her on her left side to allow blood flow to the heart improving blood flow to the child.

Learn how to perform CPR and use an AED today! You might save someone’s life! If you have any questions about CPR or SCA give us a call at 855-873-8503, leave us a comment down below, or email us at






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