Can Extreme Cold Affect an AED?

Can Extreme Cold Affect an AED?


An AED is a device with the ability to save lives! Similar to other electronic devices, an AED should not be left in temperatures below 32°F or above 122°F because of the computer-like parts it contains. Since we are in the coldest months of the year, it is very common for AED left out in the cold to start beeping because they have become too cold. Low temperatures can adversely affect the functionality of the AED pads as well as the electronic components of the device.

During the colder months, we receive a handful of calls about a beeping device in which all accessories are up-to-date and the AED is still under warranty. In these situations, we advise our customers to bring the device indoors to thaw the accessories out. If this does not help, the manufacturer’s tech support will need to be called. While most AEDs are made for rough use and can withstand the elements, it’s still important to keep your device within the recommended temperature range provided by the manufacturer. To avoid your AED being unprepared for a rescue:

  • Store your AED inside for the night
  • If you do not have a temperature-controlled environment and you are looking for a cabinet solution, AED Brands now has a line of cabinets that can keep your AED warm or cool (depending on your environment) and prepared for a rescue!

Heated Outdoor AED Cabinets are available.

If you still have questions about your AED, you can always leave us a comment, give us a call at 800-580-1375, or email us at


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