Automated vs. Automatic

Automated vs. Automatic

automated v automatic
You may have already an AED, or it could be you have considered placing a lifesaving AED in your organization.  But do you know what AED stands for?  AED is an acronym for  Automated External Defibrillator. It’s a common misperception that the A stands for automatic rather than automated.  We’re going to explain the difference! Automatic means a device operates without assistance. In other words, nothing is required from the operator to make the device function. Example: A driver does not have to shift gears when using an automatic transmission in a vehicle.  Of course a driver using  a manual transmission will shift gears manually.1 Automated places more emphasis on the use of a device to do the work that used to be done without that device. Example: Fewer accountants are necessary in corporations because billing has been automated. A defibrillator is automated for a few reasons:
  1. The paddles that hospitals rub together before placing on a victim of cardiac arrest are replaced with pads that any lay person can place on a victim’s chest with the help of adhesion gel.
  2. The different selections made before shocking a victim is replaced by the AED’s computer algorithms that detects the heart rhythm.
  3. The paper printed out of a defibrillator taking note of the EKG is replaced with the ability to download it straight from the device onto a computer.
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