5 Things People Really Want For Christmas

5 Things People Really Want For Christmas

Christmas Tree

Forget the ugly Christmas sweaters, the terrible fruit cake, and the DIY projects gone wrong. For Christmas, we always try to find something tangible that people will like. It takes days, sometime weeks, of guessing! What if we gave gifts that we want ourselves. Sound strange? Hear me out, because we are going to let you in on a Christmas secret.

We say we want to make time for our friends and family. We joke that we need a maid to spruce up our house, or someone to clean our car up. We wish we could be doing activities we don’t get to do anymore. And what if you could do those things for others, and even get them in return?

  1. Grant Three Wishes – What are the top three things you want to do with a certain person? Write them out and exchange them with your person. It could be watching a show together, making lunch for one another, or even watching each others kids while the other has a date night. Grant their three wishes and have yours granted too!
  2. Housekeeping Card – You know that person who struggles with balancing their busy life that they can’t keep the house clean. Give them a housekeeping card in order for them to schedule a day for you to spruce up their home. You can also do this for their car. Call it a, “Car clean-up card”!
  3. _______ of the Month Club – What is your specialty? Homemade cookies, healthy recipes, money saving tips? What is something you know you can do for someone you love once a month that will bring a smile to their face? Write it on a card and make them an official member of your famous pasta dishes, teamwork exercises, or even devotions of the month club! The possibilities here are endless…
  4. Netflix Night Punch Card – Can you think of that person you’ve been trying to make time to see lately? Give them a fantastic Netflix night punch card! They get to choose any show, or movie, that you will spend time together watching! Keep in mind, you can also make this work over Facetime or Skype with those people who you don’t get to see very often.
  5. “Open when” envelopes – Think of the times you want to say something encouraging to someone you love, when you can’t be there in person. “Open when you need a hug”,”Open when you need a laugh”, “Open when you are stressed”. You will write a letter and place them in envelopes so not only will they feel loved when you gift them, but when they open each letter. The gift will live on!
  6. Bonus – support local businesses like the best Marietta, GA and Cumming, GA Plumber!

Remember, the greatest gifts aren’t wrapped in paper, but in love. Enjoy your Christmas and surround yourself with those you love.

Leave us a comment if you have any other great ideas!


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